Bhagawan’s Discourse on 10-02-2005

4.11 p.m.

Sai Kulwant Hall



Bheema Ratha Santhi

Spiritual Re-marriage of 275 Fortunate Old Couples




You do not pray to God in times of pleasure. You want Him only in times of difficulties and when you do not get relief from the pain, you readily blame Him!


Today, these couples are ecstatic! You must recognize the significance of the name “Bheema Ratha Santhi”. Bheema does not mean merely a physically strong and hefty person. Bheema is Vayu Putra (son of Wind God). He can reach any point at any time and can accomplish any task. Age is no restriction at all.


God’s Will is always sacred and auspicious. We all know that the 60th Birthday of an individual is celebrated, praying for peace. The 70th Birthday of a person is celebrated as the Diamond Jubilee and is very important. Celebration of the 80th, 90th and the 100th Birth anniversary are called Bheema Ratha Santhi.


In this Kali Yuga, after the age of 60 years, people are neglected and sent out from the house, saying that these people must not live as householders but must live as renunciants. This is not correct. Children should understand the plight of parents who cross the age of 60 years and must conduct themselves in a responsible way.


Modern people consider that beyond the age of 70, one cannot accomplish anything in life. However, contrary to this, beyond the age of 70 years, the zeal and dynamism in a person actually increases. It is at this point of time that the Atma Shakti manifests itself. Prior to this, they just behave in an ordinary manner. Beyond 70 years of age, their Mental Power and Will Power takes a new direction.


It is in this advanced age that they ponder over the secrets of life. On account of the good actions done earlier, the potential they have is much more than the youth. Today, young people make fun of elders. If we understand correctly, we will realize that the Will Power possessed by them is of gigantic proportions. Therefore, youth should stay with these elderly people and imbibe their noble qualities and learn from their rich experience.


What these elderly people can achieve beyond 60 or 70 years of age is phenomenal! Their virtues will lay a new path for the youngsters. If you start acquiring their good qualities you will surely progress in life.


Many of us neglect the old people thinking that they are useless. Nothing can be farther away from the Truth. The Will Power they have is not noticed by anybody. While executing new plans, just consult them and see the results! You will surely be successful!


The government grants them pension at the age of 60 years. This is wrong. Why should they be given only pension at the age of 60 years? In fact, they should be paid more during that period.


Humans are the one in whom the human qualities manifest in full. The strength of Bheema will manifest in these couples. We limit Bheema to only physical strength. No, he is also very intelligent. The thoughts that senior people have are very noble. They set ideals for others. However, we do not understand them and we ignore and neglect them.


Even senior scientists, after retirement, have more intelligence. The scientific attitude in them is very great. However, they have not been properly fostered. We are neglecting their noble thoughts. We must not brush aside their advice. We must follow them.


The intelligence of the senior citizens must be transmitted to the whole world. Inestimable is their power! The true significance of this occasion is that, the power manifests in the old couples and they set an example for the youth. Never neglect old people. All Bliss in the future is on account of them. Their plans are marvelous. You are not making an effort to understand them.


Ancient seers and sages have probed into these matters so well. The thoughts of these senior citizens are so noble. The youth do not possess even 1/1000th of their Will Power. Youth of today – you must take care of the old people. You are not even able to feed them properly. Remember, if you feed them at least once a day, you will be fed for your whole life!!


The enthusiasm of these elderly people, in bringing up children is not noticed by anybody. However, ancients have recognized this fact. Even today, they examine writings of ancient people. Modern people cannot write even 1/1000th of what these ancients have written.


Therefore, ‘Bheema Ratha Santhi’ must be propagated hence forth. Winston Churchill was a great man, He recognized, though towards the end, the greatness of sages and seers. Modern people discuss his sayings even today.


In future years, this celebration will gain lot of importance. Bheema stands for physical, mental strength and also the ability to discuss and deliberate.


Divine Power is inexplicable. Safeguard your power. Youngsters waste so much energy. Because of this they age faster. I am 80 years now. Can anyone say so? Impossible! Such power is present in every head. No white hair – not even a single strand of white hair can be found on My head!


Every strand of hair is full of life. It was because of this that the ancient people never shaved their hair. We go to Tirupati and offer all our hair to God. There is nothing great in this. You offer your hair but do not understand its value. A single hair can even lift a mountain. When I sometimes try to pick out a hair from My head, you all smile. But you do not understand. Though this body is 80 years old, the hair does not come out. When I try to pick it out, a ‘click’ sound comes, but it does not snap!


Without understanding all this we offer this ‘Tuchha’ (mean) hair at Tirupati and expect Ucchha’(greatness) in return. Every aspect of God is very powerful. Watch any noble soul while he is resting. What sound emerges from the navel? Once while returning from Kodaikanal, I halted at Bandipur forests. As I was resting in the front room of the residence of the then Governor Nakul Sen’s residence, his wife observed a bright radiance emerging from Swami’s navel. She immediately went and reported this to her husband. He could not believe this and they both had a heated argument!


Once Karnam Subbamma too came along with Me to the Harijanwada. Those days, there used to be a wide gulf between the lower castes and the higher castes. But I used to say, “What is wrong in going there? Are they not humans? Why should I not eat there?” Subbamma too followed Me. The householders spread an old cloth and Swami slept over that. At that time, they heard a loud sound coming from the navel of Bhagawan!


Some people who do not have hairs, transplant hairs from other people or even donkeys! Yesterday, I had a head bath. I asked Satyajit to provide some help. At the end, he found some strands of hair entangled near the drain mesh of the bathroom. He reveredly lifted these strands of hair and placed them in his pocket. His pocket got burnt! That is the transcendental power of Bhagawan’s hair! Nobody can understand all this.


In fact, there is no ideal comb to groom My hair. When I went to Africa years before, they presented Me with an iron brush. However, I have not used that till today. Still, My hair is so strong and stiff. This is the case with all great people!


Bhagawan is ready to let you witness this power when you have an audience with Him. Many devotees tell Me that I am losing hair. No, not at all. It is all just there.


Divyatma Swarupulara, you all are strong and powerful. However, you lose lot of energy. Hence, you are becoming weaker and weaker. If I hold My fist strongly, even 10 people put together cannot unfold it! It is not possible for anyone to comprehend this power! Just follow and emulate Me!


Any talent, be it music or anything else, should not be wasted. Offer it all to God. Just see over there, one boy yawned. A lot of energy is wasted by yawning.


Swami is sharing all these secrets with you. Being your God, He is telling you all this so as to make you realize the Divinity within. But you are not making an attempt to know this power.


It was 5.11 p.m., exactly one hour since the time when He started the Discourse. Bhagawan concluded by Blessing the Birthday boys and materializing a gold chain for one of the boys and then even for the singer of the evening, Smt. Sudha Raghunathan.


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A Anantha Vijaya