Swami and the Divine Energy. Three insights


    Light and Love
    An Estonian Sai follower, painter and painting teacher Margus Rump presented me this picture what I wish to share with you. He has been many times at PN, worked there voluntary and has received Swami's direct Darshans. Impressions inspired by Swami he expresses through painting. 
   Below are  three insights I should wish to share.
   1. We all know that information carries not only letters, words, colors, figures but also energy. Kirlian method grounds on the fact, that all material objects leave their "patterns" (information) to the environment that surrounded them. Kirlian method is one of the technical methods what permits to visualize  this impressions in high frequency pulsate electric field using photography or various kinds of info-technology applies. The luminosity (aura) of living objects is radiant, varying, rich in color, irregular, but strictly individual, reflecting not only physical but also emotional state of men, animals, plants. (The aura of inanimate objects is stable, geometrically regular and as a rule one-colored).
    To percept Swami's Omnipresent Energy there is no need to proof by Kirlian camera or by others methods. This energy is as a Divine fluid into devotees hearts. The results of this Divine flow can be observed in practice, be it is by spreading His Teaching and having experiences, composing paintings and books dedicated to Swami, obtaining the skill to meditate and listen to melody of silence within, or something else...

    Avatars has incarnated with his devotees as one spiritual entity. Swami is not separated Avatar: all devotees are with Him and vice versa. For that connection nothing ecxept presence of the Divine love is needed.

    "The cosmos cannot exist apart from the Divine. The Divine cannot divorce the cosmos. The devotee creates (his own image of) God. God creates the devotees. The common belief is that all beings including devotees are created by God. But this is not the whole truth. The devotee also by his spiritual sadhana creates God....

    Wherefrom does this Divine form come? It comes from the devotee's intense feeling for a direct vision of God. Is it folly for anyone to go in search the God. When God is omnipresent, what is the need for a search? It is a delusion to imagine that man is in quest of God. It is God who is searching the true devotee." (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse delivered by Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba at the Summer Course in Brindavan, 29 May 1991).


     When one tries to look within and exclude all temporary frames of Maya reality, he/she can 'acknowledge' the reflection of the Self - bodiless, wordless, omniscient, omnipresent... and can fuse into oneness of eternal being... The last sentence is an imagination, it is impossible to describe the Self, descriptions try to express the bliss, eternal - where is no fear, no joy, no hope, neither bad and nor good actions... Probably everyone has own impulse for indirect expression the Self. For me is a special inner joy and radiant to reach closer to the Self through Cosmic Consciousness as Swami's Omnipresent Energy (Form).


    "Truth is one. It is beyond mind and speech. It transcends the limitations of time and space. Innumerable seekers have pursued different paths to recognise this Truth. There are notable differences among the seekers of Truth. These differences do not affect the nature of Reality. On the contrary, it is the existence of these differences that has spurred the continuous search for a unifying principle." (Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. Thought for the day as written at Prasanthi Nilayam on 4 May 2004).


    2. It has known by modern science that between the Earth and the cosmic Space is the energetic balance.  Similarly, the maintenance of a human being's energetic balance provides the security and stability of all his systems as science declares. This energetic balance is also pictorially between physical and spiritual energies with high vibrations as Swami has through His Body and His Cosmic Forms. For most devotees and followers His first form is easier to percept. It is the cause, why millions of devotees desire to have direct Swami's Darshan.

    Most of us are trying to acquire knowledge and understand the sense of living. We make numerous attempts that can often fail, but every endeavor is worth making. Each of us is a God’s creature. 


     "Every atom is permeated with Divinity.  As the rays emanate from the sun, so does Nature originate from God. Nature is the reservoir of power and energy. When Nature, which is the creation of God, is so full of power, you may estimate for yourself the tremendous power of God! It is said that the workings of Divinity are most wonderful." (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse delivered by  Sathya Sai Baba "Divine Origin of Five Elements." 15 May 2000 PM, Brindavan).  


    A person's physical body is less or more in balance with different physical cosmic energies. A human being has consciousness and it expects not only being in balance with physical but also with spiritual energies.

    The impulses of spiritual energy, spiritual reality (what is possible to percept as indirect evidence of Atmic reality) contains in various aspects. The different cultures explain them differently; however, the initial source is the same they all are pinpointers of Atmic reality.  For example, Russian thinker G.Gourdgiev (a disciple of the Sufism School) at the beginning of the 20th century has imagined the spiritual vibrations as a row of musical sounds. The Pythagorean School found the spiritual energy in using the concepts of the Universe-wide gold-section, Phi numbers and sequence of Fibonacci numbers. In the "Book of the Dead" spiritual cosmic energy is compared with the range of light. The Chinese "Book of Changes" the action of the vibrations has explained with the help of linear geometric symbols. Dao Schools use alchemical esoteric terms. Zen Buddhists create paradox verbal construction. Each of them describes some aspects of spiritual energy.

    For Swami's devotees the spiritual reality is represented in His Teaching and His Omnipresent Energy, experienced by millions of his devotees. 


    However, "In this world, there are two types of intellectuals. The first type is the scientists who are totally materialistic in their outlook. They have in their mind only the physical and worldly goals and gains. They are fascinated by the external appearance of a gigantic tree with its numerous branches and twigs, but they are not interested in finding its "roots". Vedantins (philosophers) are the second type of intellectuals who are not fascinated by the external appearance of the tree but evince great delight in finding the "roots". People who are worldly in outlook waste their time in watering the 'branches', whereas, the Vedantins water the 'roots' and thereby enjoy the 'fruits'.> (Divine Discourse delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on the 1st of January 2003 in Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam ).

    It is a human ego-self what prevents many human beings to acknowledge this truth. Spiritual energy what is perceptible with heart is as a personal inner feeling.  A person or groups of people being not in balance with spiritual vibrations are capable to pollute the powerful energy of the Universe. The fact has known to all what concern to the global chemical, physical, biological and mental pollution of five elements creation today.

   What exactly is ego-self? It is feeling that one is a separate unique individual, and shows whenever we boast our accomplishments, desire and fear the unknown. In Vedas has said that this is an illusion and you are not separate from others. The modern scientist agrees with Vedas that all objects are interrelated on all levels. 

    If we understand that consciousness is a field (energy, deeply intertwined with spiritual energy, "I") which is the new understanding of modern science. According to it there may be a hope for spiritual growth through unison science and spirituality. More than two thousand years ago, Buddha said that humans are inter-beings that inter-arise in the inter-richness and there is only the inter-richness. Today, scientists are declaring that our bodies are recycled stardust, our blood is recycled waters of World Ocean, our breath is recycled air, our emotions are recycled energies, our thoughts are recycled information, our personalities are recycled relationships, and our souls are reflections of every other soul what all together form the same Atman.

     What then remains personally to us? Nothing except Atman expressed through Cosmic Order and Harmony. A human being can reach to these values through Love as Cosmic Order and Harmony is not possible to express by other way. 


    "If you want to experience true love, have full faith in God. God's love is steady. It never diminishes. You may undergo any amount of suffering, yet you belong to God. You are His and He is yours. No third person can come between you and God. You say, "He is my classmate; he is my sportsmate." But none of them can come to your rescue. You have to look after yourself. You should have faith in yourself. Only then can you realise the truth." (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba "Have Faith in God, the only True Friend" - 17th October 2004. Prashanti Nilayam).


    "We have to love before we have to understand "- said Nikolaj Grundvig, the promoter the adult education two centuries ago.

    What concern to knowledge, so often quoted as the chief value in human society, then I like to repeat the saying by Arthur C. Clarke, ”Let me remind you that information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not foresight. Each grows out of the other, and we need them all."  However, when there is no Love all these qualities vanishes into whirl of delusion.  

    The Truth about the Nature (laws, orders and relations - expression of Atman in Maya reality is the same for all times and for all nations. The humankind is existing in the conditions of continuous Divine development. 


    "Although science and technology have made rapid strides, man has not acquired the divine qualities. Technology is the child of science. But very much anterior to science is the Veda. Science seeks to know all about creation, but the Veda reveals the knowledge about the Creator. All the natural sciences are concerned with knowledge about created things.


    But there is a Creator who is the source of all them. In the quests for understanding the objects in creation, man is forgetting the Creator." (Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. SSS. Vol.18, Chapter 4).

    The explanations concern to this development and to the eternal Truth in its various forms would be clear to the younger and older generations with the different basic knowledge.

    The more understandable for human consciousness is the knowledge given through examples, pictures, performances and finally through scientific explanations. Swami's Teaching is understandable to all: from scientists to persons with primary education or illiterates. Human values are within everyone and the existence of Divine spark is not depending on the stage of education. It is one of features of universality of Swami’s Teaching.

    Whatever area of science (or other human activities) we look: be it today's natural, technical, social, medicine, psychological, etc. sciences we are finding a lot of fundamental identicalness between modern science and Swami's Teaching. It is as an eternal Truth fused with Divine Energy for human beings to discover their real nature.  Discovered it, Swami’s Teaching is a guide how to fuse into rhythms of harmony with laws of Divine Nature.
   3. The third insight is the compilation from: http://www.hinduism.co.za/god.htm  connected with own thoughts and Swami's quotations.


    God is described as manifest and unmanifest. Know the Self as god what is within you before you decide about the nature of God and the world.


    The Self is God. 'I am' is God. This question arises because you are holding on to the ego self. It will not arise if you hold on to the true Self. For the real Self will not and cannot ask anything. If God be apart from the Self he must be a self-less God, which is absurd. God, who seems that not exists, alone truly exists. Whereas the individual, who seems to be existing, is ever non-existent. Sages say that the state in which one thus knows one's own non-existence (sunya) alone is the glorious supreme knowledge.


    "There are many in this world who do not understand what is true spirituality and thereby forget the reality. If someone puts a question, "Who are you?", say with firm conviction, "I am I." Never identify yourself with the body. He who realises this truth is a blessed one.

    Worldly Gurus undergo change with the passage of time. God alone is changeless and He alone is your true Guru. Have total faith in God. Develop faith day by day. Only then can you be called a true Manava (human being). Daivam Manusha Rupena (God incarnates in the form of a human being). Hence, consider yourself as divine. Declare with total conviction, "I am I." When you lead your life with such a sacred feeling, divinity will certainly manifest in you. Never be under the mistaken notion that God is elsewhere. He is always in you. Your reflection is God's reflection. Your reaction is His reaction. Everything is basically divine in nature. It is God who makes you play your role in this cosmic drama. You may call Him by any name. But He is only one." (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba "Have Faith in God, the only True Friend" - 17th October 2004. Prashanti Nilayam).

    Particles of God do not separate from Him and forms the universe. His sakti (power, energy) is acting. As a result of one phase of such activity the cosmos has become manifest.


    "The Upanishads declare Isavasyam Idam Sarvam (the entire universe is permeated by God) and Easwara Sarva Bhutanam (God is the indweller of all beings). God is immanent in every being as "Nammakammu" (faith). Therefore, one has to cultivate faith in God, as his first and foremost duty. All the Vedas, Upanishads and scriptures emphasise this as duty of a man." (Divine Discourse delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba "Have Faith in God, the only True Friend" - 17th October 2004. Prashanti Nilayam).

    So the fact is that Brahman (Atman) is all and remains indivisible. It is ever realised but man is not aware of this. Knowledge means the overcoming of obstacles, which obstruct the revelation of the eternal truth that the Self is the same as Brahman (Atman). The obstacles taken together form your idea of separateness as an individual.


     "The Divine is the basis of everything in the cosmos. The integral relationship between the Divine and the Universe should be properly understood.... The omnipresence of the Divine from a piece of stone and a mighty emperor should be recognised. Man should be grateful for the ennumerable benefits provided by the Divine... Self-realisation is the goal of every human being." (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse delivered by Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba at Summer School in Brindavan, 21 - 05 - 1993).

    Among the many thousands of names of God, no name suits God, who abides in the Heart, devoid of thought, so truly, aptly, and beautifully as the name "I" or "I am".

    In the mere presence of God, who does not have even the least volition, the living beings, who are engaged in innumerable activities, are embarking upon many paths to which they are drawn according to the course determined by their own Karmas, finally realise the futility of action, turn back to Self and attain liberation.


    The actions of living beings certainly do not go and affect God, who transcends the mind, in the same manner as the activities of the world do not affect that sun and as the qualities of the conspicuous four elements (earth, water, fire and air) do not affect the limitless space.

    It is inscrutable God's Will that samsara- creation and manifestation is full of sorrow and evil.


    No motive can be attributed to that power - no desire, no end to achieve can be asserted of that one infinite, all-wise and all-powerful being. God is untouched by activities, which take place in his presence. Compare the Sun and the world activities. There is no meaning in attributing responsibility and motive to the one before it becomes many


    It is not possible for anyone to do anything opposed to the ordinance of God, who has the ability to do everything. 


     "If you want to know God, imbibe the principle of oneness. When you have the feeling of oneness, you can see the direct manifestation of God. The sages of Vedic times adored the sun as the direct manifestation of God as described in the Gayatri Mantra. Consider God as your mother, father, friend and everything." (Divine Discourse delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba "Have Faith in God, the only True Friend" - 17th October 2004. Prashanti Nilayam).


    Iswara has individuality in mind and body, which are perishable, but at the same time he has also the transcendental consciousness and liberation inwardly. Iswara fot our generation is Swami. How easy to understand this outlook, when we have the living God as an example for His devotees. 


    Iswara, the personal God, the supreme creator of the universe really does exist. But this is true only from the relative standpoint of those who have not realised the truth, those people who believe in the reality of individual souls. From the absolute standpoint the sage cannot accept any other existence than the impersonal Self, one and formless.


    Iswara (as Swami) has a physical body, a form and a name. Today Swami's darshans are the evidence of this. Iswara (Swami) can be seen in visions in the form created by the devotee.  His essence is the same as ours, the real Self being only one without form. Hence, forms he assumes are only creations or appearances.


    Iswara is immanent in every person and every object throughout the universe. The totality of all things and beings constitutes God. There is a power out of which a small fraction has become all this universe, and the remainder is in reserve. Both this reserve power plus the manifested power as material world together constitute Iswara.


    Swami gives an additional explanations concern to the different Vedic schools.


    "The Advaita (non-dualistic) philosophy of Sri Sankaracharya advocates the oneness of Jiva (individual soul) and Brahman (cosmic soul). The Visishtadvaita philosophy of Sri Ramanujacharya presupposes that Jiva and Brahman are different. Sri Madhwacharya explained that there are, in fact, three concepts, namely, Dehatma Bhava (body consciousness), Jivatma Bhava (individualised form of God) and Paramatma Bhava (the universalised soul or the Supreme self). Nobody need hold on to a particular school of thought or deride the others. The question of adhering to a particular school of philosophy depends upon the mental frame work of the individual." 


       “I am That” and “That I am”. When you are able to realise this truth, you will find that the principle “I” underlies everything in the universe as the principle of unity. The only aspect you have to realise is “I am Brahman”. “I am I”, “I am the word, I am the form and I am the name”. This “I” represents and explains everything.


    The Vedantic concepts lead to endless arguments and counter-arguments. Do not enter into them. Always be under the awareness “I am I”. This “I” principle is beyond names and forms. It represents Brahma Tattwa, which is one without a second entity." (Excerpts from the Dasara Divine Discourse delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba "Who are You? I am I" - 20th October 2004. Prashanti Nilayam).


    Existence of Iswara follows from conception of Iswara. Let us first know whose concept he is. The concept will be only according to the one who conceives.


    God, the creator, the personal God, is the last of the unreal forms to go. Only the absolute being is real. Hence, not only the world, not only the ego, but also the personal God is of unreality. We must find the absolute – nothing else.  


    "Make efforts to understand the principle of spirituality. Have firm conviction that you are the embodiment of Atma and there is no second entity in this world. Develop firm faith in your 'real nation' i.e., the Atma. Believe in yourself. Have firm conviction that God is everywhere." (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba "Have Faith in God, the only True Friend" - 17th October 2004. Prashanti Nilayam).

    By such contemplation, God is as an idea.

    If the individual is a form, even Self, the source, who is the Lord, will also appear to be form. If one is not a form, since there then cannot be knowledge of other things, will that statement that God has a form be correct? God assumes any form imagined by the devotees through repeated thinking in prolonged meditation. Though he thus assumes endless names, the real formless consciousness alone is God who does not reside in any place other than the Heart. It is due to illusion, caused by the ego, the 'I am the body' idea, that the kingdom of God is conceived to be elsewhere. However, God is within you. The unlimited space of Turiyatita (beyond the four states, i.e. the Self), which shines suddenly, in all its fullness, within the Heart of a highly mature aspirant during the state of complete absorption of mind, as a unknown experience, is rarely attained and true kingdom of God, which shines by the light of Self.


    Usually it is said that the jiva (individual soul) is subject to the evil effects of illusion such as limited vision and knowledge, whereas Iswara has all-pervading vision and knowledge. It is also said that Jiva and Iswara become identical if the individual discards his limited vision and knowledge. 

    The Vedic saints' explanation concern to the relation between individual soul and Iswara (Swami) is following.


    First get rid of your own limited knowledge. Why do you worry about Iswara? He will look after himself. It is indeed a great thing if we can take care of ourselves.


       "The Atma is a synonym for Brahma which is nothing but the Chaitanya permeating every human being. Man has a name and form but Chaitanya has no form. The Chaitanya that is present in the human body is called 'conscience'. The all-pervasive Chaitanya is called 'consciousness'. When the individual understands the principle of unity in diversity, the 'conscience' gets transformed into 'consciousness'." (The Divine Discourse delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on  the 1st of January 2003, Prasanthi Nilayam).

    To worship God with name and form is seems not wrong as that would be limiting the limitless, giving form to the formless. As long as a devotee responds to a name there is no objection worshipping a God with name or form. 


    It is difficult to believe in a personal God. Easier to believe in an impersonal God, a divine force and it would be a great help and source of faith and inspiration for many devotees. More easier to believe, imagine and try to follow Swami's explanations and directions.


    "You are a part of Nature. So, you should strive to merge into Paramatma. There is nothing bad in the creation of God. Mistake lies in man who puts them to misuse. Change your attitude and you will see good in everything. Treat praise and blame with equanimity. By adopting this positive attitude, you will realize that there is no Yogi greater than you; there is no Thyagi superior to you; there is no one greater than you." (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse Sathya Sai Baba "Divine Origin of Five Elements." 15 May 2000 PM, Brindavan). 


      The most known famous physicist of our days Stephen Hawking (who's life is a legend itself), some years ago explained his outlook concern to the God. He reached to this fact through modern academic science. 

     "It is difficult to discuss the beginning of the Universe without concept of God. My work on the origin of the universe is on the borderline between science and religion... It is quite possible that God acts in ways that cannot be described by scientific laws." (Dr. Henry F. "Fritz" Schaefer, III, Stephen Hawking, the Big Bang, and god. http://www.origins.org/articles/schaefer_bigbangandgod.html). 


    Namaste - Reet