International educational conference at Tallinn University.

Part 2

Honorable conference guests and accompanist (with glasses) before the President's Garden (photo's author Vello Tamm).

Light and Love

After the conference the study-days (until 30-th of August on a bosom of the wild nature) by various groups of teachers and specialists were carried out. In such conditions the nature itself as creates the movement of ideas with the inspiring energy.

The aim of study-days is to live in harmony with natural principles, share these knowledge and experiences with others, especially with students and little children who will become tomorrow's civilization.

Not describing the chronological order of study-days I shall mention some headlines and brief summaries of the themes of discussions as additions to subjects of conference. Every one of them contains several hours of discussion and mental/physical experiences or/and different visualizations (as the process of 'making' mental images), connecting one with everybody and everything.

1. Human values is the base for whatsoever human's activity towards the way of harmony with the Great Nature, towards unity of holographic Nature of all Creation (by science) alias towards the unity of Atmic Reality, unity of Oneness with the Creator, Swami's Cosmic Form (by Vedas, ancient wisdom and Swami's Teaching).

By modern science not only does the Universe have a beginning, but time itself. It seems that time itself does not exist before then. Time begins with the event of Creation. Matter, energy, time and space were created in an instant by an intelligence beyond of space and time.

Albert Einstein wrote in his book "The World As I See It" that the harmony of natural law "Reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection." Compare, how many times Swami has stressed the same only by little different words.

2. Human values lead the path to awareness. It seems that people fear something external, but the external is just a mirror of internal beliefs. People attracted the experience. What people really fear is within. It is awareness mixed with love and acceptance that helps to overcome fear.

There has performed many experiences/imaginations and exercises to overcome fear as if person is in the role of 'witness.' Take all troubles and events easy, imagine, that is only a play. However, this play will carry peace, happiness and feeling of eternal beauty in mind when one is in harmony with laws of creation, with laws of Nature. There is no inner beauty, happiness and peace without human values what is normal state of inner set of Cosmic persons who all we are.

3. The Universe as 'flows' in one direction; that of perfection, balance. The ultimate objective of everything and everyone is to achieve such a state of perfection, through experience, as to achieve the potential of unity with the Oneness, or the Source, or the First Cause, or Absolute, or God, from whence we (as a holographic patterns of Atmic Oneness with many names) are came in the beginning.

The first principle in the Universe is unconditional Love interconnected with a learning experience. No human being can progress to the inner and incomprehensibly more higher levels of spiritual development without experience.

4. Every action one performs must have a target. Similarly, with a magnifying glass one can to focus the sun's rays on a particular place. So it is also with thought what is energy. Unfocused thought is unfocused energy. Everyone has to know his/her target upon which to focus. Like any other skill, the power of focus improves with practice.

5. Human values are spiritually based. Most people have a very temporal view of "life", looking around at such things as "houses, cars, clothes, and other material pleasures of this material world, wondering what they could ever do without them. Human values as teach to look beyond of these illusions. Spiritual reality will be realized and experienced. However, to surrender the mystery of life as creates peace in mind more than attempts trying to solve its meaning.

6. The significance of human values from aspect of Atmic Reality. Life is Spirit, the Great Spirit. By view of Atmic Reality (by several branches of modern science also) everything and everyone are One. Every Being - plant, microbe, stone, grass, flower, sand, cloud, etc., is a certain aspect of Atma, the Divine Energy in which we exist. (By modern science on a quantum level has proven that any pair of quanta in the entire Universe in all of its energy levels can immediately communicate with each other).

7. The mind needs to be exercised to gain strength. The perception one chooses becomes his/her reality. One creates what he/she experiences. So, to acknowledge the human values into form of one's inner set, alias one's conscience, need in many and constant experiences. Everything in the Universe has a meaning. It is for every one to identify that meaning personally and to learn from it.

8. Human values are inseparately connected with intellect what contains qualities as gratitude, competent companions, kindness, consideration, compassion, self respect, self control, service to others, etc.

Words have a deep effect when used under any circumstances; for example unconsciously in the course of conversation, or consciously as for example affirmations.

Mind seems to be not interested in long statements or justifications, but rather in short terms. Cancel negative thoughts by using a "power word" such as "cancel", instead of long explanations. Then the thoughts deposited in subconscious mind are constructive, harmonious, and peaceful, the infinite power of subconscious will respond and bring about harmonious conditions. It is important note for teachers for development their professional skill.

9. Each cell in body contains information hidden in the DNA for the whole of body. Person's microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. To be aware of the 'whole picture' - it is a holographic by science (Atmic by Swami) outlook of Oneness of Creation. Human values are pictorially as 'DNA for human's mind and spirit.'

For spiritual development experience of human values there has to be accordance between body, mind and spirit.

However, for being alive any DNA life form needs in food. The quality of food pictorially creates mind, mental and physical possibilities and spiritual outlook.

There are many insights by modern science concern to vegetarian food. About it briefly in part 3.

Namaste - Reet

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