Integration of human values into education is the urgent need


Light and Love

"What are the causes of the maladies afflicting people today? Impure air, polluted water, adulterated foodstuffs, etc. Nor is that all. Even the minds are polluted. Most of the diseases are caused by aberrations of the mind. Ninety per cent of the diseases are psychological. Constant thinking about one's health is also the cause of many diseases. The mind has thus a vital role in one's health or illness. When the mind is directed towards sacred things, everything in a man's life becomes sacred." (Excerpts from Swami's Discourse: Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. "Quest for Truth" 9 July 1998, Prashanthi Nilayam).


The crisis of today's education is apart of a much more profound crisis that pervades the consumer-society.

Hundreds years ago the thinkers of Renaissance began to investigate the Universe with a new methodology that would be known as scientific method. This time gave to humanity Copernicus, Galileo, Rene Descartes, Isaac Newton and his followers that systematized the new knowledge from XVI century to XX century. By their theories the Universe vision is know as the Cartesian Newtonian paradigm. This vision is dualistic creating a body/mind and a human/cosmos dichotomy). Reductionism reduces matter, life and consciousness to atomic-molecular interactions. Mechanism conceives the Universe as a huge and complex watch mechanism ruled by mechanic laws.

Galileo Galilee has said: "What cannot be measured and quantified is not scientific." In post-Galilean science indicated that "what cannot be quantified is not real". This was, the most corrupting and profound modification of the Greek conception of nature as physics.

The Cartesian Newtonian Cosmo vision still permeates today in education and science. This vision partly has divorced natural sciences from humanities and spirituality, generated grave cultural-spiritual darkness in education, and in the whole spiritual culture. This vision is one of the sources the lack of spiritual and ecological consciousness among adult and youth, it is one of the source of the ecosystem tragedy, social misery and psychological violence of today. (The pictorial and the simplest example is the absent elementary ecological culture when adult and young persons litter the streets, roads, parks, etc. with whatsoever garbage. Such activity is popular over the world).

It is clear that such Cartesian Newtonian paradigm is out of date and cannot work up with spirituality, human values, ethics, aesthetics, and all the spiritual-holistic experience of humanity from ancient times until today.

For all ancient civilizations human and the Universe were interconnected and inseparable. Science is only a set of observations that permit to develop a smoggy outlook of the reality, a tiny window to the Universe, always incomplete in this vast endless search of meaning of existence. Science and also education are as blind without spirituality.

Swami's Teaching, Vedas, spiritual heritage of ancient sages, spirituality, psychology and modern quantum physics are telling the same things from different aspects and by different terms and expressions.

By Vedas and Swami's Teaching Atmic reality has no time, no forms: all is the same Great One reflected in humans' mind however, hidden from reality, being beyond it. As all the Universe is a reflection from within it is possible through spiritual perception indirectly to assume it. By modern genetics in genetic code has installed the evolution of life with all its forms. Pictorially, humans carry within all the 'tree of life' from remote past to present as some kind matrix of life.

By David Bohm, one of the founders of modern physics, each part of physical reality contains information about the whole. Modern science explained that the reality has a holographic nature. Technically each small 'point' of the hologram contains information about the entire image.

As laser light is shined on successively smaller portions of the hologram, the entire image is still preserved, but it becomes less clear. Evidence for this kind of holographic structure in nature has emerged by chaos theory and fractal geometry. The new discoveries stress that in the chaos the order has hidden. (One of the most fundamental behaviors of chaotic systems is their great sensitivity. In the chaotic systems, even micro differences in initial conditions may cause dramatically different results to occur in that system over the long run. It has summarized as the Butterfly Effect, discovered by Edward Lorenz on 1960s).

The most nonlinear (complex) systems embody a huge amount of self-similar structures that are nested within one another at different scales.

(The study of fractals and chaos started its history during the 1970s. One of the ?fathers? of this theory is Benoit Mandelbrot, a Polish scientist, born 1924. He showed through his so-called Mandelbrot's set how fractals could occur in many different places in mathematics and in nature like a 'black bug,' with infinity of smaller similar 'bugs.' Each of these replicates the whole and contains information about the entire process).

However, only humans are capable to reveal this information, what is pictorially stored within as infinite forms of Zip files. Human consciousness by holistic science is a direct holographic projection originating from the Source, Absolute, Atma, Brahman, God... (Names are different for the same Great One). Swami has repeated this Truth, as a rule, in every His Discourse by different angles and in different contexts.

Our troubles and joys by some insights of modern science are infinite number of possible projections, or "quantum probabilities", and that projection can be changed by the power of discrimination and detachment as being a witness to what happens.

In conclusion, the Quantum-Informational Physics of David Bohm, the Holographic Physics of Denis Gabor, the Holonomic Neurosciences developed by Karl Pribram, the Self-Organizing Thermodynamics of Dissipative Structures developed by Ilya Prigogine, the Transpersonal Psychology of Stanislav and Kristina Grof, the Psi-Field and the Connectivity Hypothesis of Erwin Laszlo and the Morfic Fields of Ruppert Sheldrake are the new branches of modern science interrelated holistic and spiritual vision of Reality.

The entire Universe (by humans' perception) is a huge hologram expressed by extremely sensitive fractals. Spiritually fractals are the infinite diverse, extremely changeable forms of the Maya reality what itself is a huge hologram of the Absolute (God, Swami's Cosmic Form) in action.

The world of Maya (illusion) is a part of reality, but not part of Truth what is only One alias Atma. Reality is diverse, is everything, conditioned and multiple. Reality is as a 'building of thoughts.' Truth comprehends reality, but not vice versa. Usually mind is busy with reality. To acknowledgement that human being is an eternal expression of Atma (Cosmic Truth) gives to the human's life (as a higher representative of the Divine) a purpose, meaning to realise this Divinity and to avoid sufferings. This is an Atmic certainty that mind and matter are two angles of the One Whole.

No harm can ever come to our True Reality. It is existing beyond all form, and everything else is illusion that can be easily changed at any time. We are immortal, eternal, indestructible Beings of Atmic Reality. Pictorially, humans are excising as? projections" or "ideas" in the Mind of Absolute, God on a macrocosmic level. On a microcosmic level all what humans see around them is a projection of their own minds as Maya (illusion).

Although every human being creates own reality by the thoughts in mind, at the same time the natural state of the Universe is unconditional Love, pictorially as Great Running Its Course in Harmony and Order. At moments of difficult situations is wise to come into alignment with the Universe alias with Swami's Cosmic Form and individual harmony has to be restored.

(Let's remember Confucius (552-479 B.C.) who was a high official in China n the state of Lu but at age of fifty six, he became a teacher, teaching love, human relations and morality. One of the main characteristics in Confucianism is to become a superior human being only through complete education. Confucius compiled the Five Classics, Wu Ching. These Five Classics became the fundamental texts for education for over 2000 years in China today).

"There is Divine Love in you which has neither birth nor death. If you cultivate such love, you will always remain as embodiments of love. Have firm faith in this Divine Love. Love the principle of Love itself, which is Divine and Eternal. The more you love that Divine Love, the more it grows. Cultivate such type of love that will not cause disappointment. Pursue any type of education; but, understand the inner meaning of education. Then put it into practice, experience and enjoy that essence of that education" (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba "Love is God - Live in Love." 28 Oct, 2003 Prasanthi Nilayam).

(This 'large' introduction has written in purpose to support the spiritual-scientific integration human values into education to the teachers, who are not completely aware of Swami's Teaching. The aspects of modern science probably will help them to understand the deepness and completeness of Swami's Teaching represented from infinite angles, by simple words and expressions, full of pictorial examples).

Spiritual-scientific-ecological consciousness as the core of education and human's spiritual development

The purpose of introduction is to show briefly that the integration of holistic science into Swami's and Vedic sages teachings are in action. This new outlook has to be the inner set of every teacher's of youth and adults. From this spiritual-scientific-ecological consciousness as individuals inner set by Uznadze* the new level of human's spiritual development will begin. This is the spring that promote the integration of human values as core of Swami's Teaching into education and consequently, thereafter into all humans' activity. This will have to spread over the world.

The success of any venture depends on the people engaged in it. The activities of people depend on how well these people are organised, how well they knew each other, how clear they see the aims of their activity and means to reach the most optimal results.

The International Educational Conference "Integration Human Values into Education," organised under umbrella of Tallinn University in Estonia; Faculty of Educational Sciences; Department of Educational Sciences; Chair of Educational Science on 18 - 20 August 2006, is the wave on the global ocean of integration spirituality, science, education and culture into one interconnected entity.

(This conference will underline the need of integration the human values and spiritual outlook into educational programs of official (public) schools, kinder gardens. The participants of this conference will be the teachers of high schools, kindergartens, universities, representatives of parents associations. As the rule, the participants are not Swami's devotees and they have no prior knowledge of His Teaching. Contact with me who are interested to take part in this conference. Participation in workshops and lectures is free).

Swami's Teaching as calls for evolution what will have to occur in human minds as a quantum informational interrelation between matter, life and consciousness that leads to a new spiritual (holographic by science) model of human-universe interaction. We are immortal expressions of Atma by Swami and represent an interactive role in a Great Cosmic Play. This Truth is a core of Swami's Teaching, as the ethic of life, lead by human values, expressed of peace, harmony, order, discipline, compassion and tolerance between people.

"Worldly education makes man great, whereas the spiritual education makes him good. Spiritual education relates to the heart, the origin of sacred qualities like compassion, truth, forbearance, and love. Today, parents expect their children to go in for higher studies, amass wealth, and become great, but very few want their children to be good. Goodness is long-lasting, whereas greatness is temporary. Goodness forms the basis for spiritual life." (Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse "Human values and Education." 26 July, 1999, Prasanthi Nilayam).

It is clear to many that for the survival of humanity at first the spiritual and ecological consciousness entwined with moral and ethical human values is needed. This universal movement over the world would begin from reconstruction of educational systems. There is a high demand of Swami's Teaching and to put His Teaching into practice in every day life in all world countries. His Teaching has to integrate with multiple disciplines in educational systems to guide groups in large work teams. This is the demand of time for survival of humanity. Swami's Teaching is the pinpointer that has to integrate into world educational networks in purpose to connect the universal human values and spirituality into various moral and cultural differences of world societies. (This has to do by professional and ethical way to have a systemic background spiritual training in personal transformation with a more spiritual world vision).

Integration of human values into education in all areas of knowledge over the world will develop a new way of human mind's transformation in direction of ecological and spiritual or/and spiritual-scientific-ecological consciousness.

As a rule, human's memory will forget by time all what has read or has heard till he/she digests this information through own experience and makes it as owns inner set (inner concept).

Swami's Teaching and His main aspect of human values is as a pinpointer enable to individual the right direction how to rule the emotions and control the activity of mind. The more carefully one experience and practices Swami's Teaching, the more proper and reliable is the results. Experience how better to acknowledge and put into practice Swami's Teaching and integrate the universal human values world wide into educational systems will become more and actual key-point for survival of humanity.

(Of course, it is possible to judge education systems from different positions. However, the human values are the position, what will be a part of whatsoever kind of educational system).

"The value of an individual depends on their culture... For the country to progress, the citizens have to cultivate the moral, ethical, and spiritual values. It is not possible for citizens and leaders to cultivate these values unless they practice them right from childhood. So, parents and teachers should play an active role in shaping the lives of the students. First and foremost they have to enquire as to how the students can get rid of their evil tendencies. The teachers and parents are responsible for the good and bad in students." (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse Sathya Sai Baba "Human values and Education." 26 July, 1999, Prasanthi Nilayam).

The duty of Swami's devotees and followers is to help Swami to plant the universal human values into hearts human beings. There is anything in the nature, in humans' hearts and heads that would not reflected in Swami's Works.

Tablets from the educational systems in European Union (EU)
(By materials of the International Conference. "Global Education System." October 24, 2005. Moscow, Russia, my comments concern to integration human values into education is separately below).

The further development of a society depends on the decision of Global problems. It is not possible to decompose any global problem into its component parts, which are not connected. Global problems are solved the United Nations Organisation in key directions of ability to live of the person and the society. Many of them, as Human rights, National and Global safety, Steady development of the countries, Ecology, the Inhabitancy, are Global and complex at their statement, the formulation, and also labor-consuming at the organisation of calculations.

The European International Centre of Information (CII) created under the royal Decree in Belgium, has suggested creating the Global Education System (GES) for preparation of experts and experts of the highest class for the decision of global problems. The declaration is approved during the International Conference. "Global Education System" held on October 24, 2005. Moscow, Russia. The Global Education System is some kind of a superstructure above existing education systems.

The education systems depend on needs of a society to improve the further ways of its development. At the present stage, the efforts of a society are directed on steady development of humanity. In developing of the educational strategy the preferences were defined in accordance with the regional economical and social programs.

The demands which the society makes of a personality are great as never before. Now a specialist's competence is determined by his/her aspiration to self-perfection and the urge to constantly level his/her knowledge up to high standards. The multilevel training through the whole life has become a topical idea for the entire world.

There the concept of "continuous training? has accepted. It means that an individual is involved in a continuous process of education in all stages of his/her development.

Russian and international scientists came to the conclusion that, the integrated educational systems can be more efficient if for enrolment to elementary and secondary vocational schools preference is given to junior school leavers rather than to those of a high school. They declared that due to development and introduction of the multilevel system of continuous professional education the public opinion of career training is reconsidered, with emphasis being placed on the practicability of training in line with the economic requirements rather than on the ephemeral popularity of some "high-prestige" or "trendy" jobs. This rational approach provides a young specialist with both job security and professional advancement.

It is a step ahead towards the development of educational systems; the direct methods of training of professional skill are topics of active discussion in EU.

However, examining indicated above conference's materials (as an example) and also many other methodical and methodological materials on the area of public education there is nearly neither anything for integration human values nor ecological and spiritual consciousness into systems of education. Such is sad reality of consumer-society in many countries not only in EU.

It shows that the public educational programs, as a rule, are not complete, in spite of there the need of integrated educational systems has underlined. But it is not integration of human values, as the base, but the integration of different actions that have no base. How to become a good specialist without knowing meaning of life, the role of society, individual's role in society and destination?

From day to day the ecological, spiritual, cultural crisis is increased. Pictorially Swami as waits for His devotees and followers to spread His Teaching that all human beings may live happily and play their role joyfully in the Great Divine Play.

"Fill your minds and hearts with these sacred spiritual truths and go out into the world to spread the spiritual message in every street and every alley. The world today is in utter confusion. Unrest and fear stalk the world. To eliminate this disorder and fear, you have to instill devotion among the people."(Excerpts from the Divine Discourse Sathya Sai Baba "Promotion of Unity: Student's Duty." 14 January, 1998, Prasanthi Nilayam).

To carry out different forms of teachers and specialists environmental and ecological-spiritual training is my tiny task. As a rule, I am connecting the trainings with Swami's Teaching from His books, discourses. At first time, 11 years ago it was quite difficult task, but now, mainly through Swami's Works, own experiences, practices and a lot of own mistakes I have obtained more skill.

"The world is a great teacher, a constant guide and source of inspiration. That is the reason why man is placed in the world. Every bird, every animal, every tree, mountain and star and each tiny worm has a lesson for man, if he has but the thirst to learn. These make a world a veritable University for man; it is but a Gurukul (a school for spiritual learning) where he is a pupil from birth to death." (Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. Thought for the day. 26 June 2004).

I like to use Swami's quotations, like to explain the training topics by Swami's quotations according to the level of groups through direct examples from nature, from science, from social relations in society. The members of scholarships as a rule are not Sai devotees, but many of them have become Sai followers when they understand how deeply Swami's Teaching is entwined with moral, ethical, cultural-spiritual values, modern science and with the all areas of human life. Swami's quotations and books, also articles about Him written by His devotees were the sources of the Divine energy expressed not only by meaning of the texts, but also by an untouchable the Divine energy, what they are carrying.

Swami's Teaching gives a bright inspiration to expand and foster spiritual, Atmic awareness among humans, especially among the persons busy on the area of different educational systems. The aim of such activity is the wide reorganisation of educational systems for youth and for adults so, that the Universal Human Values and Divine Harmony will become the core of inner set, inner stable values and inner reality for every child and adult. Swami has repeated it in His Discourses from different angles many times.

* Dimitri Uznadze (1886 - 1950) a worldly famous Georgian psychologist, founder of the Georgian scientific school of Psychology. He was the author of well-known Theory of Attitude and Set. (See "The Psychology of Set." NY, 1966).

Gleick, James. "Chaos: The Amazing Science of the Unpredictable." London: Minerva, 1997.

Namaste - Reet