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Swami teaches.... (6 - 7 June 2005)
   The Divine Power and Directions. Thoughts, Inspired by Swami   

    Life - it is different appearances. Humans are limited the physical in experience, logical, sometimes intuitive in thinking. But how to develop the spiritual experience? Why sorry, when with us is Swami and His Teaching.

   By modern science an atom consists in protons, neutrons and rotating around them electrons. However there is space abyss between electrons and atom's core. Pictorially when the core is as large as a pea, then the electrons what rotate around the pea is in distance about hundreds of meters! Between the core and electrons is a physical vacuum, a space (ether) what has infinite of possibilities. It appears that we all consists practically in 'nothing.' Is it not a miracle of the Divine power? 

    Medical sciences are limited to knowing/examining the physical body. However, it is the Divine energy of Cosmic Love created the bodies and objects in the Universe.

    If this energy in harmony/balance with the body, it is powerful and even capable to repair physical damages. This is the essence of the Divine Almighty miracles have nourished through energy of Love. The faith and the devotion is the qualities, what are bridges between physical and divine, bridge between seen material and unseen Great Nothing what belongs to the Atmic reality.

    Atma, Brahman what by modern science and Vedas also identified as the Cosmic Consciousness, is as one entity, inherent in space through infinite kinds of vibrations what penetrates all structures in the Universe from elementary particles and cells to galaxies on the deep levels.

    Swami's Teaching and His miracles are guide human beings to understand the great potency of the Great Nothing as the Divine Universal Principle and Unlimited Power. 

    All kind of vibrations are in core the same with different frequencies, amplitudes, and powerfulness. Pictorially it is energy of motion (vibration) that takes different forms by the same rules. It is as the playground of the Great Oneness.  When we analyze this by the help of science, and percept it through consciousness, it is appearance of physical reality, not beyond it. When we acknowledge this as Atma (the source of infinite creation, diverse forms and happenings), it will become (unconsciously?) to our inner and constant state what cannot be reached by logical thinking. This state cannot be described by physical laws but it is also energy, the Divine Energy what as merges our ether body with Bliss from Great Nothing. (Physically, probably it is the same ether – the first of five’s elements - what is between core of atoms and electrons) That is why Swami frequently stresses that the divinity is within anyone.  
    From July 2001Swami is not going to give padanamaskar to anybody, because you and Swami in aspect of Atmic Reality are one. You may do namaskar to your parents. However, be aware that the same Atma is present in you, Swami and everybody else. Being aware of this truth, no one needs to do namaskars to anybody for that matter.

    If you still want to do namaskar to Swami, do it mentally. That is enough. You don't need to touch His feet to do namaskar. Understand the truth that God is in you and act accordingly.    

    This Great Nothingness what we 'carry in our bodies' immersing in the Universe, is as the hidden Divine Bliss within. The methods to reveal this bliss is faith and devotion of pure heart. These qualities not belong to the physical but spiritual reality with no limitations, description and explanations.

    Swami's Teaching, personality and His life as an example leads humans to be aware and experience the limitless power of the Great Nothing. His discourses many times through different angles repeat the same spiritual wisdom by different examples and explanations. Such approach has significant meaning; namely to support to devotees to 'create' this inner spiritual state through His enumerable directions.  

    It is not direct Swami's physical Body what is Omnipresent. It is His Cosmic Omnipresent Universal Form that creates miracles through the pure heart, faith and devotion of His Devotee. It is the devotee him/herself, who creates the miracles from the Great Nothing within by unlimited faith to Swami... our dear Swami who presented us His Teaching and His life. His physical Body is the source of inspiration and example to get rid from desires, to peep beyond physical reality. His physical Darshans give to devotees and followers the motivation for that.
    The Divine Principle that moves from top to toe in the body is referred to as puraana. Next is anushaasita (one who has control over the mind). You may imprison a person who has committed a crime, but you cannot prevent his mind from traveling all over the world. No one in this world can command the mind; only God has this power.

    What can the possession of canvas and paint do, if an artist with vision is not moved to paint? What can the chisel and a lump of marble do with no image formed in the heart of a devoted sculptor? That vision and that image are the sparks of the divine. You are all 'the divine' packed in human skin and bone, the Atma encased in the evanescent flesh. Know this and you become fearless, happy without limit.  This is the higher wisdom, the knowledge of the spirit; the lower one is that which adheres to the mind, which cleanses the mind and calms its agitations, which is earned by Japa, Dhyaana, Naamasankeerthan (repetition of holy names or sacred formula, meditation and singing of God's names) and such other meritorious activities.  

      To reach to the deepnesss of spiritual truth, aspirants, devotees and followers should learn the value of leading a simple and unostentatious life. It is important for attaining the spiritual inner state, the source of inner wealth. Swami remembers you about Sardar Patel, who was Deputy Prime Minister in the Government formed after Independence. One day, a colleague of his, went to Patel's residence. While talking to Patel, he noticed Patel's daughter Maniben doing the household chores. She was wearing an old sari, patched up in some places.

   The colleague turned to the daughter and said his father has a high position in the government, but she is look like a beggar with old clothes. The daughter answered that she is not ashamed to wear these clothes while she is carrying on her legitimate duties. She explained, "Those who spend lavishly on their comforts by the money earned by their parents have to feel ashamed about them. I have nothing to be ashamed about. In looking after my aged father, I do my work, wearing the clothes I choose. I do not hanker after anyone's wealth. I know how to maintain my dignity and self-respect."

    It is hard to find today any young woman or man who can live life like that. Most young people lead ostentatious lives, wasting the hard-earned money of their parents.  

   The easiest and the most fruitful school to obtain spiritual outlook is service as worship of the divine around you. Dedicate all your skill, talents, wealth and scholarship to the living embodiments of divinity that are around you. That is the power of righteousness which can draw grace upon you.

   Even the Seva is a process through which the lower wisdom, and after that, even higher wisdom can be gained. Seva can instill more intensely than any other activity, the sense of the basic one.  Even the Seva is a process through which the lower wisdom, and after that, even higher wisdom can be gained. Seva opens the eyes to the comprehensive unity of creation. When you open the lids, you see the world, the stars, the galaxies that are far out in the depths of space. The eye reveals  as the universe, as vastness, as magnificence, as order, as beauty, as power, as Vishwa-Viraat-Swaruupa (cosmic divine form).  It is as one picture that it appears; it is as one picture that it disappears when you shut eyes. When you are aware only of your joys and sorrows, you are blind to the joys and sorrows of others; your eyes are closed.
  The Emperor Aja of the Ikshvaaku Dynasty fell in love with the angel from heaven, Indhumathi, and when she suddenly left for heaven after short time with him, he broke down and lamented his fate so agonisingly that the Royal preceptor, Vashishtha, had to console him, pointing out the absurdity of attachment, and of fascination for such fleeting joys. He spoke to him of appearance and reality, of the relative and the absolute, of matter and spirit, and brought him to sanity. You must not be a bit of a blotting paper, absorbing all the passions and emotions, all the joys and grief that the actress Nature demonstrates on the stage of Life. You must be a lotus unfolding its petals when the sun rises in the sky, unaffected by the slush where it is born or even the water, which sustains it.

    Shiva is praised as three-eyed that see into the past and the future, as well as the present; but, they represent also the three urges namely, desire, activity and knowledge - thirsts that move people and decide their fate. These three urges make all beings kin in the Divine bond; those who serve beings with love and reverence can contact this core of being and save themselves. They will see in all, the unmistakable reflections and images of the God whom they have enshrined in their hearts.
    Recently the scientists has discovered as light makes its 10 billion year journey from a distant quasar (star like objects outside our galaxy), it is deflected and focused by the gravitational pull of dark matter and galaxies, an effect known as gravitational lensing. (It was the fundamental prediction of Einstein's General Relativity).

    Astronomers have been trying to measure this aspect of gravitational lensing for two decades. However, the magnification signal is a weak as a few percent increases in the light coming from each quasar this is the source, directed astronomers to develop a 'standard model' of cosmology. (In this model, visible galaxies represent only a small fraction of all the mass of the universe). This phenomenon led some to conclude that the basic cosmological picture was incorrect or at least inconsistent. 

    Swami’s Advent and His Teaching direct human beings to the conclusion that the Supreme Divinity is Omnipresent. It is the purpose why scientific cosmological picture was incorrect. Without spirituality it remains always inconsistent.

   God is a permanent Witness. He has no attributes. He has no specific form. He can assume any form. The Divine is in forms and is formless. He is with and without attributes.

   Physicists have learned to synthesize elements (atoms) and add them to the Periodic Table of elements by Dimitri Mendeleyev. However, anybody from human beings cannot synthesize the primary vibration Atma. Only in human beings Atma exists in the state what can reveal itself through awareness. 
    This awareness as powered through unselfish Love. Human cannot exist without love. This Principle of Love is hiranyagarbha. This hiranyagarbha is situated on the right side of the human body, and the physical heart is on the left.  Hiranyagarbha, is immortal, eternal, and all encompassing. It is present not only in human beings but also in birds, beasts, and all other living beings.
   The Vedas declare Love originates from the hiranya. The three principles of reaction, resonance, and reflection originated from hiranyagarbha. Divine love originates from hiranyagarbha. This Divine Love lives by giving and forgiving, whereas selfish love lives by getting and forgetting.

    Righteousness (dharma), wealth (artha ), desire (kaama) and liberation (moksha) are considered to be the four objectives (purushaarthas) of human life. In fact they correspond to the four stages of human life; namely, student (brahmacharya), householder (grihastha), hermit (vaanaprastha), and renunciate (sanyasa). 

    (It is important to explain that many people are under the mistaken notion that the term purusha corresponds to man but not to woman. But actually, purusha means Atma or consciousness (chaitanya) or the life breath (praana) or the individual soul (jeevi). For the Atma, there is no gender like masculine or feminine).

     Purushaartha means the dharma of the awareness principle or the dharma of the life principle or Atma dharma. This is the true purushaarth, the prime objective of human life. Without understanding the true meaning of the term purushaartha, people talk of one dharma for men and another for women what is not correct. 

    The second objective is wealth (artha). Artha does not mean money or gold. Wisdom is true wealth. Seeing unity in diversity is true wisdom.

    The third objective is desire (kaama). This does not correspond to sensual desires. One should have desire for liberation (moksha kaama). One should have the desire to understand the Atmic Principle and attain divinity. These are the main objectives of human life.

    What is liberation? It is not merely reaching God. Your thoughts, words, and actions should be one with the Divine. Experiencing such non-dualism is the true objective of human life with companion of the Great Nothing, the Self, the Divine Power within. Meditate to Swami, it is the real Pinpointer on this way.

(Reet’s thoughts and compilation from Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse "I and You are One." 05 July 2001, Prashanthi Nilayam;  Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse "The Principle of Hiranyagarbha." 15 February 1999, Prashanthi Nilayam;  Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse "Radiate Rays of Love." 08 July 1971, Ananthapur).  Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol. 10. "The seven-day sacrifice," Chapter 26; Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol. 28. “ God: The trinity and the cosmos,” Chapter 5). 

    Namaste - Reet

   Swami teaches.... (18 June 2005) (Pause 8 - 17 June 2005) 

  Awareness of the Eternal Divine Through Prayer

   The indwelling spirit in every one is the same Divinity. Forms may be different but the Spirit in all is the same. It is pure, unchanging and timeless. From within you, God will be guiding and inspiring you, to discharge your duty.  Be ever aware of the God who is the real. Seek solace, sustenance, and guidance from Him through prayer. Many do not realise the joy that can be derived from unselfishness and prayer from pure heart.  They do not invoke the Grace of God through prayer.

    Prayer is the expression of human's gratitude to God. It is also the means of awakening an awareness of the eternal Divine within. Prayer is essential for developing love for God.

   The prayer should be heart-felt. Ravana worshipped Shiva but without giving up his demonic nature. Hence he could not get the grace of God even through prayer.       

    Remember that there is nothing in this world as powerful as the Lord's name to protect it. It is not arms and bombs that will save the world. Only God's grace should protect the world. It is human's foremost duty to pray for God's grace. Prayer is of supreme importance.  Bhajans are as a special type of collective prayer. Together with melody and rhythm, you have to impart feeling to your singing to make the bhajan a sacred offering to the Divine. Shanting the prayer you too make an offering to the Divine. 

     In daily life also awareness is needed at every step and in every prayer.  For example, when all the participants in a bhajan sing in unison, what sacred vibrations are produced and what Divine energies are released. When these vibrations fill the world, what changes cannot they bring about! When one sings alone, the heart is merged in the song. But when many sing together, it acquires a Divine power. That was the reason why Guru Nanak commended community singing. Community praying has nearly the same effect when it is performed in unison, with pure heart and thoughts.  

   The Gayathri (Vedhic prayer to illuminate the intellect) is the Universal prayer enshrined in the Vedas, the most ancient scriptures. The Gayathri is considered as Vedasaara - "the essence of the Vedas." Veda means knowledge, and this prayer fosters and sharpens the knowledge - yielding faculty.

   The Gayathri is usually repeated at dawn, midnoon and dusk. But God being beyond time, it is a result of our limitations that we talk of dawn and dusk. You need not be bound by the three points of time to recite the prayer. It can be repeated always and everywhere, only one has to ensure that the mind is pure. I would advise to recite it when you take your bath. When you bathe, the body is being cleansed; let your mind and intellect also be cleansed. Make it a point to repeat it when you bathe as well as before every meal, when you wake from sleep and when you go to bed. And also repeat 'Shanthi' thrice at the end, for that repetition will give Shanthi or peace to three entities in you - body, mind and soul.

    So the Gayathri mantra has been given as a third eye to reveal to you that inner vision by which you may realise Brahman.

    Gayathri is a treasure you must guard throughout your lives. If you have not caught the sounds of the mantra correctly, learn it from them who know it in your study circle. Never give up the Gayathri; you may give up or ignore any other mantra but you should recite the Gayathri at least a few times a day. It will protect you from harm wherever you are.

    Buddhi (intellect) is the only instrument for realisation of true human values. Jnaana (spiritual knowledge) alone can grant the vision of the ultimate Truth. That is why the Gayathri leads to the light that fills the Universe to illuminate the intelligence as a prayer for prompting the spirit of inquiry and illuminate the path by the inner light of the spirit.

    Scientists have investigated the vibrations produced by this mantra and have found that when it is recited with the correct accent as laid down in the Vedas, the atmosphere around becomes visibly illumined.    

    The mind is a bundle of thoughts. Actions ensue from thoughts. Hence thoughts are the seeds which ultimately yield fruits in the form of good fortune and misfortune. Human is thus the architect of own life. As thoughts determine actions, it is essential to cultivate good thoughts. When the mind is turned towards God the entire life becomes purified. What is needed is control over the senses through devotion and steadfastness and prayer. It helps spread divine vibrations into space and to other human beings, develop good qualities and act righteously.

    The spiritual education is a foundation for classical, mundane education. Swami asks to teach the culture of prayer at schools from young age.

    Shikshana (training) is a process in which the teacher and the taught cooperate and it must be a pleasant experience for both, a useful and heartening endeavour. Education is a slow process like the unfolding of a flower, the fragrance becoming deeper and more perceptible with the silent blossoming, petal by petal, of the entire flower. Prayer is as the light breeze what activates the education process.

    Students may be encouraged to go to bed regularly every day at 9 p.m. and wake up at 5 a.m. and after washing the face and cleaning the eyes and teeth, they may be induced to pray or even to meditate. Do not think that there is a time enough for prayer later on in life, during old age perhaps. The time to lay the foundation for the habit is now. At school too, the day's work should start with prayer for five minutes which should be taken seriously by one and all, and not reduced to the mere formality or farce that it has become in most schools. The slightest sign of neglect shown by the school while arranging the prayer sessions will react on the minds of the children and they will see through the humbug quickly. 

    Treat the prayer as the very foundation of the entire edifice of schooling. When the last bell of the day is rung, make the pupils stand up in the class quietly and let them observe silence for a minute or two and then disperse. There is nothing like silence to still the waves of your heart.  

    There are three aspects connoted by the 'I'. 'I am this body' is the first; 'I am the life-force in it' is the second; 'I am the Atma (Divine Self)' is the third. I am all. I am Brahman. Aham Brahmaasmi." The body is mortal; the Jeeva-principle undergoes transformation; but the Aathma is Immortal. The Aathma persists in unaffected glory in the waking, dreaming, sleeping and the fourth level beyond. The gross body is active in the waking stage; the subtle 1-consciousness is alert in dreams, the Causal Aathma is dormant as 'I' in sleep. The real I or Aathma has no exclusive affiliation to one body, one country, one nation or one sex. It is in every being everywhere, in bird and beast, plant and tree.  

     Every human being has four birthdays. The first is when he emerges from his mother's womb and, being neither holy nor unholy, craves only for food and shelter; the second is when he begins his spiritual study to lead him from darkness to light; the third is when human being has gained wisdom, having mastered the disciplines propounded by the rishis for achieving self-realisation; the fourth and last is when he realises  the true identity and merges with Brahman.

    Life is a continuous series of sacrifices of the lower for the sake of the higher, of the tiny in favour of the vast. Your two eyes cannot reveal to you the magnificence and the majesty of the realm of the spirit. They are focussed towards the objective world and its transient attractions.

     The removal of the moss that floats thick on the surface of the lake reveals the water beneath; the removal of the dust that lies thick upon the mirror enables you to see yourself. When the person sees himself as an image, it is only partial truth; when he knows he is the person, not an image, it is the truth. The bimba (object) must know itself as the bimba; the I must become aware of the I; that is Self-realisation. The eye can see the star that is billions of light years away; but, it cannot see itself! The eye must see the eye, so that it can claim to have self-realisation, a vision of itself as it truly is.
    Unless you know yourself you cannot know Swami. When you see a plane above, you know that it must have a pilot; but, if you want to see him, you have to get into it and be in the plane, after purchasing the requisite ticket.
On this ticket what leads to Swami has written: "You should offer your knowledge for the benefit of the people. Cultivate the spirit of oneness of all mankind. The Avathaar has come down to declare that God is present everywhere. The Avathaar comes not only to proclaim the eternal virtues but also to shower His love on all mankind. Each one will get the benefit according to the size of the vessel he holds."

    Swami mentions that when the doctor handles a patient and treats him, and the patient submits himself to the treatment, both do not know that between them, there is a third force, more capable and more decisive. This third force is the Divine Grace. Nothing happens in this world without this. Do not pay attention to A-viveki (a person devoid of discrimination and sharp intelligence); he/she at the present state of development cannot understand you and your mission. (Reet's compilation from,

 Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol. 29. "Not salaries but service," Chapter 24 and  "Man's debt to God," Chapter 34;  Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol. 24. "No global disaster to be  apprehended," Chapter 4;

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    Swami teaches.... (20 - 23 June 2005) 

    God You Worship Is Resident in Your Own Heart    

    All things in Creation are subject to the law of change and human too is not different of that. Human should use the law for progress, and not for sliding lower in the scale. Human has been endowed with buddhi (intellect), so that one might at every turn decide what is beneficent for observance and what is detrimental.

    The Intellect has to be kept sharp, clear and straight. There are four varieties in which the intellect guides human:

    1.Swaartha-sukha-buddhi. This indicates the fully egoistic nature, where the individual does not care for even own family but, is eager to fulfill personal needs first and foremost.

    2. Swaartha-paraartha-sukha-buddhi, this allows some consideration for the happiness of others also. Birds feed their young and undergo great exertion to bring them up.

    3. Paraartha-buddhi. Those who have this, seek for others as much happiness as they seek for themselves. They are prepared to undergo any trouble to secure for others too what they feel will grant them happiness.

    4. Aadhyaathmic-buddhi (spiritual intellect). This leads human ever on the path of renunciation and service, for, they alone lead to Spiritual advancement.

    The Aadhyaathmic intellect recognises the Unity of creation and so, what the other person feels is felt by the individual too, to the same degree.  

    Between the hill of individual life and the region of the Universal, there is the flooded river of Nature, with all its confusions and complexities. It is difficult to discover where it comes from, how it accumulates all that uproar and where it ultimately ends. But fortunately, we have in every human community bridge-builders, who help people to cross.

    This river of Nature is ever in motion; be it human society or 'society' of planets or galaxies or other objects, energies... Below is a pictorial example from our Solar System.

     This weekend  Mercury, Venus and Saturn are going to crowd together in a patch of sky.  Astronomers call it a "conjunction" and it's going to be spectacular. The show will begin on Saturday evening, 25 June 2005 and lasts about three days. Look west toward the glow of the setting Sun. Venus appears first, a bright point of light not far above the horizon. As the sky darkens, Saturn and Mercury pop into view. It is the bridge-builder Sun, what 'directs' harmony in the motion of planets. Such pairings of bright planets are literally spellbinding and serve as appearance of some order in cosmic space by flooded river of Nature. (See picture NASA: http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2005/images/spectacular/westlake.jpg).

   (Here are some facts of these planets. These facts show that pure science knows far not all even about planets of Solar System.

   The closest planet to the Sun, Mercury, is not the hottest. Venus is. The surface temperature of Venus is 870 F (740 K). The planet's thick carbon dioxide atmosphere traps solar heat, leading to a runaway greenhouse effect.  Venus is so bright because the planet's clouds, made of sulfuric acid, are wonderful reflectors of sunlight. 

   At noontime, the surface temperature of Mercury reaches 800 F (700 K). Radars on Earth have found icy reflections near the planet's poles. How can ice exist in such heat?

   Some researchers also think Mercury's scarps are like wrinkles in a raisin, a sign of shrinkage. A shrinking planet? Weird.

   Galileo Galilei discovered Saturn's rings almost 400 years ago. Saturn's rings are improbably thin. If you made a 1-meter-wide scale model of Saturn, the rings would be 10,000 times thinner than a razor blade. They're full of strange waves and spokes and grooves. And no one knows where they came from. Is it possible to know without integration science and spirituality)?  

    God cannot be identified with one name and one form. You appear as separate individual bodies because the eye seeks only bodies, the outer encasement. When you clarify and sanctify your vision and look at them through the Atmic eye that penetrates behind the physical with all its attributes and appurtenances, you will see other beings and objects as waves on the ocean of the Absolute.  

   What concern to the human society then everyone should respect all others as one's own kin, having the same Divine spark, and the same Divine nature. Then, there will be effective production, economic consumption and equitable distribution, resulting in peace and promotion of love. Human being has to worship God in the form of human. God appears before him as blind beggar, an idiot, a leper, a child, a decrepit old man, a criminal or a madman. You must see even behind those veils, the divine embodiment of love, power and wisdom and worship through selfless service.  

    You are sharing the joy of serving others, doing good to others, according to your capacity and skill. The main objective which you must always keep before you is to help human to recognise the Divinity that is inherent in everyone. This Divinity is latent; it is veiled; it is not always apparent to oneself or others. If you serve with your whole heart, the result will be Aanandha (the Divine Bliss) for you; half-hearted work will give only superficial joy or fame. The God you worship by service is resident in your own heart. Others may or may not see; but, the ever present God sees and notes all that you do or feel. He meets out to you the consequence, in full, of whatever you do or feel.

    The real saadhu is one whose deeds are in accordance with the words of advice he utters. Devotion cannot tolerate in the devotee the slightest trace of envy or jealousy. Render your life worth-while through service to human and service to society. That is the most important aspect of surrendering the Self. 

    To escape the pull of these alien attractions and material pleasures, faith in God as your Inner Reality and the source of immense power is essential. The Divine Self - Atma is the reality of everyone, however, distinct they may appear in physical form and mental equipment. The One Supreme effulgence is the origin and source of all particularised effulgences. The same wind is referred to as breeze, whirlwind, storm, typhoon, hurricane etc. The same God is referred to by different names and appearances.     

    Let teachers tell the children what they cannot learn by themselves, by observation, namely, the stories of Raamaayana, the Bhaagavatha, and the Mahaabhaaratha. Let they tell them also stories from the Bible, the Buddhist texts, the Zend-Avesta and the Quoran, the importance of Om - meaningful symbolic sound and its significance, as the basic sound of all creation.  That a horse has four legs is a fact which one need not teach the child, who can discover it in a moment.

    The teachers and devotees would not imagine that their task is to propagate Swami and speak of Sathya Sai and His Message. The real aim is at the promotion of Godliness and of Faith in God (the Self) through Swami's Teaching. Create the spiritual attitude and promote spiritual discipline. It does not matter what name you use, or what form they concentrate upon.   

    Swami's powers are such that they are not given to anybody else. Nobody has the ability to take powers from Swami, nor the ability to give them to someone else. Swami's powers are not given like that, and you should not be led away by such statements. Each one's power is within; it is not possible to give such power to another person. We must be able to follow one thought, one own path. Develop it in yourself, such spiritual power is in you! You don't have to run for it here and there. God is not external; God is not outside you; God is inside you.

    You are God yourself. You are not one person, but three, the one you think you are (physical); the one others think you are (mental); and the one you really are spiritual is God. When you are able to realise that, and when you are able to develop the spiritual power from within you, then you will see God. You are going in the path of worldly consciousness. When you take the path of superconsciousness, you will get realisation, and you will be able to see the Atmic Truth. 

    The first thing you have to do is to develop Self-confidence and have your physical body steady. If the body is moving all the time, then the mind is also moving. We should not keep moving our body and our limbs in an aimless manner; this is essential part of  practice of meditation. We should sit quiet and the body should be steady. If you cannot control your body, how can you control your mind?

    Many people think that concentration is the same thing as meditation, but there is no such connection between concentration and meditation. Concentration is something which is below your senses, whereas meditation is something which is above your senses. Concentration is something which we use involuntarily in our daily, normal, routine life. 

   What we have to practice is something which is beyond these normal senses. We must rise from being below the senses (that is the state of concentration) to the senses (that is, the middle position, called contemplation); and from there we must rise above the senses, that is called meditation.

    Between concentration and meditation there is border area which covers both and that is the area of contemplation. To be in that area of contemplation is to free yourself of worldly attachments. If you break away all the worldly attachments you will enter the region of contemplation. When you have completely broken away all your attachments, you break through this area of contemplation and you get into the area of meditation.

    These steps can also be described as starting from Self-confidence, and then getting Self-satisfaction and then Self-sacrifice, and the last step is Self-realisation. The ultimate step of Self-realisation depends upon the base of Self-confidence. Peace and bliss are within you.  

    Desires when fulfilled breed further desires; when unfulfilled, they lead to further instalments of life in order to calm the urge. The only method by which the delusion of desire can be destroyed is to dedicate all activities to God and engage in them in a spirit of worship; leaving the consequences to Him and ceasing to attach yourselves to them. Look upon everyone as the embodiment of the Divine and worship each, by offering love, understanding, and service.

    The joy one gets while promoting another's joy is incomparable. Your heart must melt in compassion when the eye sees another person suffering. That is the sign of the Saathwik (pure or noble) individual; the Thaamasik (ignorant) individual will be indifferent, he is too dull, too bovine, to be affected. The Raajasik (passionate) person will rush to punish the person who caused the suffering and might even forget to relieve the misery of the person affected! Callousness is the root cause of all the cruelty that defaces the human's Divine nature in all lands on the Earth.

    Avoid excess, in all places. Human being has elementary needs - physical, mental and intellectual, these have to be fulfilled. But, there is no need to encumber oneself with unwanted food, superfluous furniture and multi-roomed mansions. Luxury enervates and enslaves.

    An ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of preaching. You must transform your lives into examples of the ideal you preach. Parents must set good examples for children; teachers must set good examples for students; leaders must set good examples for those whom they expect to follow them. (Reet's compilation by, Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol. 13.  "Not twice, but thrice!" Chapter 2,  "Advice to seekers," Chapter 6, "The middle path," Chapter 8 and  "Himaachal," Chapter 9):

    PS: Spelling as it is in original texts.

    Namaste - Reet