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Swami teaches.... (9 February 2005)


    The Divine Attractive Magnetic Power


     The whole world is permeated with attraction of unvisible divine energy, by Swami  generalised as magnetic power (energy).*
    The entire earth is permeated by magnetic power. All the living beings and objects that are present on this earth also have this magnetic power. The rivers that flow, the wind that blows, the flowers that blossom, etc., everything is endowed with magnetic power what is all-pervasive.
    If you question a boy as to what a magnet is, he will say that it has the power to attract iron filings. However, if you put the same question to a businessman, he will say that money is the magnet. For a husband, wife is the magnet and for a wife, husband is the magnet. Thus, we see that everything in the creation has magnetic power latent in it. 

    Green pasture attracts the cow. Flower attracts the honeybee. Mother attracts the child. There is power of attraction between human beings, birds, animals, and even insects. There are innumerable unseen powers present in man. They are known as transcendental powers (atheeta shakti). Scientists know that energy, which is infinite and unfathomable, can be neither created nor destroyed. Since time immemorial, human being has been investigating the nature of this energy.
    Since thousands of devotees gather here, our mandir is suffused with magnetic power. The allpervasive magnetic power shines with added brilliance in this mandir. Where there is Divinity, there is attraction power. The name and form of Bhagawan has attracted you here. No one is making any effort to recognise this divine power of attraction. The divine power of attraction cannot be described; it can attract anything. One does not acquire any special powers from temples. What one gets is only the reflection of one’s own magnetic power. People visit various pilgrimage centres like Tirupati, Haridwar, Rishikesh, etc. The power that is present in pilgrimage centres is only due to the power of devotion and faith that pilgrims carry in their hearts.
    God is also magnetic power personified. God has infinite attraction power. However, God acts according to the situation and circumstances. He alone knows what to do when. Only God has the power and capacity to change the situation according to His plan. He does what is right for the moment.
    Scientists have done different conclusions concern to this energy. Very often, scientists refer to the two terms - matter and energy -  but truly only energy exists. Whatever appears as matter also becomes energy in due course of time.
    By one of modern hypothesis the whole world is based on psychotronic power, which is also termed bioplasmic power. This is present in every cell and every vein of the human body. Human mind cannot comprehend the nature of this power. This power is also called ajnatha shakti, that which is not known.  It was this power that enabled mother Sita to lift the mighty Siva Dhanush (bow of Siva) with her little finger.
    There exist the intimate relationship between Divinity and transcendental power. None can describe the glory and grandeur of this transcendental power what is beyond the comprehension of the mind and description by words. This transcends the powers of body, mind, and intellect. Manifestation of these powers can bring about a divine
transformation in humans' hearts.
    Human body is a combination of materialisation, vibration and radiation. The human body with all its limbs and muscles is known as ‘materialisation’. The life-force (prana shakti) is known as vibration. With the help of radiation (atma) and vibration (life-force), anyone is able to carry out his life using materialisation (body) as the instrument.

These two are coordinated by the atmic power known as radiation.
    All the divine powers are latent in human being. It is the same divine power that is present in temples, which attracts all. Truth is one, but scholars refer to it by many names. This is the divine magnetic power of attraction.  
    Today, scientists are propagating various theories to the world. Spiritualists are also propagating about divinity in various ways. However, mankind is not able to understand what the scientists and spiritualists are saying. Ultimately, we can conclude that the world is made up of molecules and atoms. The universe is a combination of atoms. The Vedantins (Vedic scholars) say: Anoraneeyan Mahato Maheeyan (Brahman is subtler than the subtlest and vaster than the vastest). It is because of the coming together of the atoms that we find the five elements, human beings, and various objects and activities in this world.
    The Vedhic statement Sarvam Brahma mayam ("All is Brahman") is the key to the understanding to the Universal Eternal Principle. The Brahman need not be sought, at some far distant spot, on the Himaalayas or in the depths of space. Some cosmonauts when they landed on Moon reported that God does not exist, because they did not spot Him anywhere in their spatial journey. 
    Brahman is the Reality of the seeker, the Cosmonaut, the person who asserts its existence as well as of the person who doubts or denies. The Divine is what integrates and unites all this diversity into one single essence. Brahman is the very urge behind all aspiration and all achievement, even the aspiration to know Brahman. It is the activity in every atom and cell, as well as in every star and galaxy.

    Brahman also means sound, voice, word, manthra and, through the sound
OM, as well as through various other manthras, it is possible for one to develop the superfine intellect necessary to grasp the immanent and transcendent principle called Brahmam. The Universe is the body of Brahmam that emerged from it when the desire to become many arose in it. The Universe rose when Brahman uttered the first word, and so, the vaak (word) is also called Brahman. The Infinite Eternal Brahman can be cognised as having three attributes, for the convenience of awareness: Sath, Chith and Aanandha. The minutest particle in the Universe has these three characteristics, and the vastest too, as also human being. "I am Brahman." It is as true as the drop of sea water saying, "I am the sea."
    Some say that God has no form and some others argue that God has an infinite form. Truly speaking, none of these descriptions is correct. Every atom has a form. Likewise, God also has a form. He assumes the form that His devotees attribute to Him. He manifests in the form that His devotees adore, worship, and contemplate on.
    Sound has no form, but the object that produces sound has a form. Likewise, bliss has no form, but the person who experiences it has a form. Fragrance has no form, but the flower that emits fragrance has a form. Love has no form, but the mother who confers love has a form. Water has no form, but the container has a form. Water assumes the form of the container. Likewise, God has no form, but the atom, which manifests Divinity, has a form. It is a mistake to argue that God has no form. In fact, all forms are His. He is infinite and all-pervasive.  

    Just as God showers His love on all, you should share your love with all. God will shower His grace on those who have the spirit of equality. You should share your love with everybody, with the spirit of oneness. Attaining God does not mean that He is separate from you. He will manifest from within. Reflection, reaction, and resound are outside, but reality is within. That is the fundamental basis. God is attributeless. He has only one quality, and that is love. That is life.  

    Bhagawan shows Himself in the form conceived by each. Whatever form is the favourite of the devotee, He appears in that form. All forms are that of God. The formless one assumes manifold forms for the sake of the devotees. (Reet's compilation from,

Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol.35. "Realise The Magnetic Power Within," Chapter 5;

Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol.32, part 2. "Cultivate Discipline and Love," Chapter 8; 

Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol.12. "Vaster than the vastest," chapter 40;

Divine Discourse by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, "Atom - the subtlest form of divinity."  23 October 2001, Prashanthi Nilayam). 

    *As it has concluded from Swami’s texts, magnetic power by Swami has a pictorial- spiritual-Vedic meaning, not exact that meaning what theoretical physicists usually are using in their calculations. Pictorial spiritual meaning of magnetic power through Swami's examples is understandable to all people, even to them who are illiterate. It is clear that strictly theoretical-scientific explanation is far from spirituality and from people who are far from physic.
    In fact, the Earth, the Solar System, galaxies, the Universe, and all objects in it are fully attracted by grid of magnetic (electromagnetic) power by modern science too. Even subatomic particles (more exactly as expressions of energy) are not free from this universal attraction by human-made modern science (as a special expression of Maya Reality). However, in most cases their scientific explanations are as unknown language for them who are not scientists. Swami solved this problem by different examples from practical and real life connected with the Divine wisdom and the Divine vibrations.
Swami teaches.... (8 February 2005)
     The Spiritual Message of Bharath
     The spiritual texts of Bharathiya are the most ancient in the whole world; they are the earliest studies and discoveries of the Atma, on Personal and Impersonal God, and on Codes of Conduct, individual and social, based on those revelations and discoveries. In no other country, among no other peoples have such ancient teachings seen the light.  The Vedic literature pictures not only spiritual inquiries by the sages and Sadhaks and their results, but also, their lines of thought, their yearnings and aspirations, their secular struggles and temporal problems.

     Examine carefully all the texts and scriptures that deal with Bharathiya culture and traditions. Find out whether in any of them there is mention that Moksha or Liberation or the Highest Realisation is available to those who are Bharathiyas only, and not to others.   

    Spiritual awareness of Bharathiya has limitless vastness, and immensely high ideals; it is a full stream of sanctifying ideations, flowing along with no decline or diminution, straight and smooth to the Ocean of Divine Grace.

    Bharathiya Religion fostered the faith that the Self in human being is no other than the Overself or God. Bharathiya Religion directs long journeys by men and women, through varied paths, confronted and controlled by varied circumstances, but, encouraged and enlightened by various types of faith towards the goal of the splendour of God-consciousness or the Consciousness of the Divine. Though the practices and rites might appear on the surface to be crude, they are not opposed to the ultimate Truth. The seeming contradictions have to be interpreted as incidental to the need to inspire people with varied intellectual, moral, economic and social backgrounds. For example, the light that comes through a tiny piece of coloured glass is of the same origin as bigger clearer light. The extent, clarity, brightness etc. of light depends on the medium only. The source of all light is the One Truth, the Source of All, the Basis of All, the Goal of All, the Reality in All, and the Centre in All. As the thread on which pearls are strung as a rosary, God or the Overself is interpenetrative in all beings. In all beings - that is the message of Bharath.

    The source of all spiritual principles recognised and revered by Bharathiyas is God; He is the one supporting Pillar. Therefore, no other support is needed for faith. Bharathiya spiritual knowledge is the very foundation of all other faiths; it stands on the very summit. It has achieved victory over many opposing faiths, confronting them with many valid arguments and theories.

    The basic truth of Nature is the One in the Many; that is the key to its understanding. The Bharathiyas grasped this truth. For each aspect or variation of feeling and thinking, volition and action, they made available a distinct Name and Form, and provided modes of worship and ways of adoration, in accordance with the emotional needs and intellectual calibre of the aspirants and devotees. Of course, a few had no need for such special consideration and treatment. But, many took advantage of this concession, and advanced in their march towards wisdom and liberation.

    Fullness means wholeness. Wholeness implies One and not two or three. There cannot then be any place for the individual. When an individualised Atma or Jivi, the particularised differentiated self, has become full and whole, there is no possibility of his return to the consciousness of the objective world. Some doubts may arise in the minds of many.

    But, this line of thought is not correct. When the individualised Jivi becomes fixed in the totality or Samasthi (the whole) he loses all ideas of distinction and is ever in the consciousness of the totality, the One that subsumes the many. He will then be aware that the reality of each is the reality of all and that Reality is the One Indivisible Atma. He will not exhibit any consciousness of distinction between individuals.

    How can Jivi  experience separateness? No, he cannot. The rays of that ananda illumine all regions. The sages and the great rishis became aware of the Bliss. Their teachings were not only simple, but varied to educate and elevate all levels of understanding.

    A small example:

    One feels happy when one has the knowledge that this one little body is his, does he not? Then, when he knows that two bodies are his, should he not be twice happy? In the same way, with the knowledge that he has an increasing number of bodies, the experience of happiness goes on increasing; when the whole world is known to be one body, and world-consciousness becomes part of the awareness, then the Ananda will be full. To get this multi-consciousness, the limited egocentric prison walls must be destroyed. When the ego-self identifies itself with the Jivi or Atma, death will cease. When the ego-self identifies itself and merges with the Bliss of the One, sorrow will cease. When it merges with Jnana or the Higher Wisdom, error will cease. "Material individual-ness is born out of delusion; this body which creates that impression is only an ever-evolving atom of a boundless ocean; the second entity in me is the other Form, namely, the embodied Self; when the ego of mine merges with the Self in me, then, the delusion disappears, through the upsurge of its opposite knowledge".

    Moralists, metaphysicians, philosophers, adherents of the path of Devotion, and the foremost among the virtuous in all parts of the world have all agreed that idol-worship is highly beneficial. So long as attachment persists to the material body and possessions, worship of a material symbol is necessary. It is but a means. But, many decry it as a superstition. It is not the right approach. 

    Acts done on the basis of faith in the Atma, the Reality within, cannot be dubbed as superstitious or foolish.

    We will find it impossible to love God or adore Him, unless we meditate on some Form; this is as essential as breathing for sheer living. That is a necessary stage in the process of living. One has to accept it as such. Child is the father of old age. Can old age condemn childhood or teenage, as evil? To experience the Divine Principle, idol-worship is and has been a great help to many. How then can the aspirant and the practitioner of spiritual disciplines condemn idol-worship after passing through that stage and deriving benefits from it? (Reet's compilation from, Sathya Sai Baba. Sathya Sai Vahini, "From Truth to Truth.")  

Swami teaches.... (7 February 2005)
      Steps Towards Spiritual Awareness
    Believe that Sai Baaba* is in your heart, as your Aathma, unshakable, full of love. Do not encourage the pretensions of low egoistic persons, who claim that I am 'possessing' them, or that I need mandhirs (halls) for which they are collecting donations. I need only one Mandhir, your hearts! Preserve the purity of your hearts, so that Sai may reside therein.

    Since God is in every heart, the Inner Voice is the signal that Dharma (righteousness) gives while approving or disapproving any line of action. The Dharma that you have to follow is indicated by that Voice. That is the Swadharma for you. It is the Inner Witness that is the real I,  which illumines the eye, the ear, the taste and the touch. The cells are activated by the reflection of (the energy of) the Aathma.

    The body is the sheath, the scabbard for the sword, the Jeevi, the I that is within it, but not of it. The purpose of the scabbard is to discover the Unity of the Universe. The Vedhas encourage you to expand into the awareness of this Unity. The Vedha Mother calls every child to take up the heritage of Infinity, Bhuumaa, as She names it. She says, "Child)You are that Infinity, enclosed temporarily in this Form." 

     Expand your heart, taking in all humanity into the circle of your kin, even the birds, beasts, worms, insects, trees and plants. The Vedhic prayer asks that the aspirant's heart may be expanded, 'brhathe karomi' - I make myself vast! See everything as a disinterested witness; do not plunge and get entangled. Travel light, even in the journey of life.

    How to find the easiest path to follow these instructions?

    After reading a few verses of Bhagavad Geetha or a few pages of any sacred book, you must spend some time in manana - contemplating on it and concentrating on its meanings. Manana (deep contemplation) will confirm the fact of God being in every being, bird, beast, tree and, when this awareness is established, you will not be tempted to hate or ridicule or envy any other being in creation. For, you are He and He is you, fundamentally. Until you come to this stage, you are only a partial devotee, still a long way to go. 
  In spiritual matters, it is experience alone that is the deciding factor. Reason is rendered dumb before the testimony of actual experience. All the arguments of logic, all the tricks of dialectics are powerless to nullify the direct effect of that inner evidence. 

    Experiencies are very different. For example, take the question of image worship. Those who do worship idols have the faith that the Omnipresent Almighty is present in the symbol before them.

    Of course, all the 'Worship' carried out with the idea that the idol is life-less wood or stone or bronze, is so much waste of time. But if it is done in the full confidence that the image or idol is alive, saturated with consciousness and power, then, image worship can bestow the Realisation of God-head itself.

    There was once a spiritual seeker who approached a guru for guidance. The guru gave him an idol of Vishnu and instructions for daily worship. But the saadhaka found that, even after some months of meticulous puuja, he did not get any spiritual reward or elation. He reported his dissatisfaction and the guru gave him another idol of Shiva. The disciple came after another six months demanding another idol, because even Shiva had failed him.

    This time, he got a Durga idol, which he duly installed in his domestic shrine. The two previous idols were standing, dust-ridden and neglected, on the window sill. One day, while Durga-puuja (ritual worship of Goddess Durga) was going on, the disciple found that the perfumed smoke from the incense-stick was being wafted by the breeze towards the idol of Shiva.  He got wild that the ungrateful stone-hearted God who was deaf to his powerful entreaties should get the perfume intended for his latest idol! So, he took a piece of cloth and tied it round the face of Shiva, closing up the nostrils that were inhaling the perfume.

    Just at that moment, to his immense surprise Shiva appeared in His splendour and Glory before the saadhaka ! But, what had really happened? The saadhaka for the first time believed that the Shiva idol was alive, conscious,and it was that belief which forced him to tie the bandage to the nose. The moment he realised that the idol was full of Chith (consciousness) he got the Realisation he was struggling for. Therefore, the saadhaka should see, not the stone which is the material stuff of the idol, but the Power that is inherent in it, that is symbolised by it, the same Power that is inherent in his own heart and that pervades and transcends all creation.

    What is needed today is a band of sincere saadhaks (spiritual seekers) who long to experience the bliss promised at the end of the spiritual journey; as well as all along the pilgrim road. A band of aspirants who are eager to test the validity of what they are taught to believe, on the touchstone of experience.

    Spiritual seekers should acknowledge the powerful aspects of Omnipresent Divine Incarnation by little example.  

    You have a tiny spark of fire at the end of the incense stick that you burn in the shrine; you have slightly more fire at the tip of your cigarette; the stove over Which you cook is a bigger fire; the forest fire is also flame. But, the incense stick will be scotched even if by accident it touches the wall. The fire will go out. The forest fire can reduce to ashes the greenest of trees.  So too the Divine, in the Incarnation, is inexplicable, incredible, impenetrable. It is the Fire of Love plus the Fire of Enlightenment, the Fire of Cosmic Creation as well as the Fire of Cosmic Destruction.

    (Reet's compilation from, Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol. 10, "The Inner Witness," Chapter 12 and "The sword and the scabbard," Chapter 28);

Vol. 2, "Experience," Chapter 5).

PS: * Spelling of names as in original texts.

    As the continuing contributions are compilations by Swami's Works, there is not all text exactly as in originals. The separate short spiritual stories by Swami are as a call to spiritual seekers to experience the inner meaning of Swami's Teaching  and to follow Swami's directions in daily life. They are also a call to spiritual seekers to awoke interest to read and to examine the original Swami's Works more deeply by the same way as Swami advised to read Bhagavad Geetha (see text by Swami above).     

    Namaste - Reet


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