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Swami teaches... 27- 29 January 2007

Part 1. From Ganapathi's Wisdom to Awareness of Atma Vidya

Ganesha - the son of Shiva and Parvati, the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is worshipped as the God of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

What people for survival today mostly need, is the spiritual awareness integrated with education, knowledge and wisdom. Therefore let us remember Ganesha who will lead the readers towards the values, indicated by Swami.

Worship of Lord Ganapathi (i.e. Ganesha, Vinayaka, Vighneswara) has been followed from very ancient times. Ganapathi is as ancient as the Vedas. In three Vedas, we find mention of Lord Ganesha. Ganapathi is lauded at several places in the Rig Veda and the several Upanishads. Many prayers are addressed to Ganapathi in the Narayana Upanishad. There are also prayers to him in the Thaithiriya Upanishad. The Ganapathi Gayathri Mantra also figures in the Upanishad.

What is the meaning of the name Ganapathi? In the word "ga " stands for intellect (buddhi) and "na " means "vijnana (the higher knowledge or wisdom). Ganapathi is the Lord of the intellect and higher knowledge.

Ganapathi is described as "Parvathee thanaya," this signifies Prithvi, Mother Earth. Everyone is a child of Mother Earth. The meaning of "son of Parvathee is that Ganapathi, who is the son of Parvathee, who symbolizes the Divine energy (sakthi).

Ganapathi is also called Vinayaka because there is no master above him. He is all powerful and independent.

Vinayaka dwells in each one as intelligence (buddhi) and wisdom (vijnana,highest wisdom; spiritual wisdom beyond the material plane). He is the master of intellect and fulfillment (siddhi, Self-realization). When there is purity of mind, you achieve peace (which is siddhi). Vinayaka is thus the Lord of the intellect and Self-realization. He is described as the Lord of Buddhi and Siddhi. Buddhi and Siddhi are referred to as the consorts of Vinayaka. (When people make proper use of their inherent intelligence and wisdom, they will be successful in life).

Vinayaka is the Lord of all learning (vidya). Everything pertaining to the cosmos is included in the term learning (vidya). Walking, talking, laughing, sitting, eating, strolling, thinking - every kind of activity is related to learning. Vinayaka is the master of every kind of learning. Today, learning is identified with acquisition of information. But apart from knowledge of the physical world, we have many other kinds of knowledge.

The Vinayaka-principle has only one meaning, which is relevant to everyone regardless of whether he is a believer or a non-believer. Vinayaka means that one is totally master of him/herself.

Another name for Vinayaka is Vighneswara. Easwara is one who is endowed with every conceivable form of wealth - riches, knowledge, health, bliss, beauty, etc. Vighneswara is the promoter of all these forms of wealth and removes all obstacles to their enjoyment.

Ganesha is thus considered the master of intellect and wisdom. Ganapati is the head of all secular and spiritual knowledge. The nature of Vinayaka is found everywhere.

The mouse is the vehicle of Vinayaka. (The mouse is a tiny fidgety creature that darts from one food to another, nibbling a little from everywhere. This denotes a mind full of desires, ever-hovering from one longing to another. There is a mouse with - in each of us, capable of eating away all merits. The mouse is considered as the embodiment of the sense of smell. It is well known that if you want to catch a mouse, you place a strong-smelling edible inside the mouse-trap). The mouse is a symbol of the attachment to worldly tendencies, (vasanas, inclinations, impressions of anything remaining in the subconscious mind). The mouse also symbolises the darkness of night. The mouse can see well in the dark. As Vinayaka's vehicle, the mouse signifies an object that leads human from darkness to light.

Vinayaka has many teachings that help human liberate him/herself.

Vinayaka has a wide mouth and a large belly, indicative of a healthy appetite and enthusiasm for life.

Vinayaka has a pure heart. Fulfilment and intellect (siddhi and buddhi) are his two eyes. He considered them as his consorts. For intelligence, we need to have buddhi. For buddhi, we need to have gratitude. An ungrateful human can never become an intellectual. Without intellect, one can never be successful. Vinayaka confers success.

To a spiritual seeker and a student of Vedanta, the "path of knowledge" is the prescribed path, which is essentially intellectual. The truth of Vedanta can be comprehended only through listening to a teacher. Therefore, listening is depicted by Vinayaka's large ears which meant to convey to us the importance of listening.

After listening, the individual must independently reflect (manana) upon what aspirant has heard. His/her intellect must have the depth and width to understand the entire world of plurality. He/she must have the subtle discriminative power, viveka, to distinguish the changing perishable matter from the eternal.

A cool, clear head is a necessary attribute of a powerful leader. The trunk coming down the forehead of the elephant is an instrument which can bulldoze a massive oak tree; equally, it can perform the subtle task of picking up a needle from a haystack. A capable leader must be aware of the grossest aspects of a job as well as its minute, meticulous details. Good and evil are represented by the two tusks of the elephant.

Who is a good leader? Our conscience is the leader, but we have polluted that conscience. Vinayaka is the one who annihilates all such bad traits in our conscience.

Vinayaka has four arms representing the four inner equipment. In one hand, he has a rope and in another an axe. With the axe he severs the attachments of his devotees and with the rope he pulls them closer to the Truth, and ultimately binds them to the highest goal. In his third hand, he holds a riceball representing the rewards of the joys of devotion to God. With his fourth hand he blesses all his disciples and protects them from all obstacles.

The world is the playground of Nara (human) and Narayana (God). Nara transforming himself into Narayana and Narayana transforming Himself into Nara, and playing their roles in unison. You know full well that Narayana has come in human form for re-establishing Dharma (morality) in the world, for feeding the roots of faith in God and for interpreting God to human; you have to be assured that it is natural of human too to raise himself up, through spiritual discipline, moral elevation, expansion of love and other means to become Narayana.

The science of spirit is essential for developing human values. Spiritual knowledge and scientific knowledge should go together. There should be no dichotomy between science and spirituality. Development of science and technology alone will not help people to get rid of bad thoughts, bad desires and bad deeds, because science by itself is not competent to sublimate life. Only spirituality can promote ethical values, the spirit of tolerance and equal-mindedness.

The worldly knowledge is actually like the protruding tip of an iceberg, with the submerged, predominant portion representing the spiritual knowledge. The Vinayaka from ancient scriptures will remember this truth to the present generation.

The value of an individual depends on his/her culture.For the country to progress, the citizens have to cultivate the moral, ethical, and spiritual values. It is not possible for citizens and leaders to cultivate these values unless they practice them right from childhood.

What are problems of present time generation? Are governments organizations and individuals can solve these problems without knowledge of elementary spiritual culture and buddhi? No, of course. That is partly the reason, why I try to spread Swami's Teaching by this more simple and general way, that it will reach in minds of many who read these mails, be they Swami's followers or not. (However, by may opinion, absolutely all people are Swami's followers, as Swami's Cosmic Form i.e. Cosmic Consciousness is within every one, only in less or more hidden form).

One has to start thinking for oneself. This is one activity where only one's conscience can be the guide, anybody else can guide individual, no matter who he/she is.

The world is a great teacher, a constant guide and source of inspiration. Every bird, every animal, every tree, mountain and star and each tiny worm has a lesson for human being, if he/she has but the thirst to learn. These make a world a veritable University for human; it is but a Gurukul (a school for spiritual learning) where one is a pupil from birth to death.

Life on the Earth has become complex in Kali Yuga. Human is swayed by greed for wealth and materialistic acquisitions and is taking recourse to cunning and easy methods of making money. (For example, a certain person advertised in a newspaper that the easiest way for destroying all mosquitoes was available with him. He assured the readers through the advertisement that he would destroy all the mosquitoes at their homes if people were prepared to send certain sum money order to him. Carried away by this advertisement, many people sent money to him. After making a lot of money, he published his method of destroying mosquitoes on the Earth. The technique recommended by him was that wherever mosquitoes were seen, they were to be crushed with a stone)!

Human's misadventures have created several problems for the entire mankind. Human has polluted the five elements causing havoc on the Earth. There is pollution everywhere - in air, water, food and so on. Human's misdeeds coupled with the evil thoughts and feelings have degraded human life on the Earth. If human acts in the righteous way, there will be no pollution at all. The water level on the surface of the Earth is changing because noble virtues like love and compassion have dried up in human heart.

A brief example from one of most actual planet's environmental threats.

The melting ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica has taken scientists by surprise. Many of them fear it will mean the world's coastlines are swamped much earlier than most predict. Others believe the ice melt is temporary and won't play such a dramatic role.

The early versions of the report predict that by 2100 the sea level will rise anywhere between 5 and 23 inches. That's far lower than the 20 to 55 inches forecast by 2100 in a study published in the peer-review journal Science in Jan. 2007. Other climate experts, including NASA's James Hansen, predict sea level rise that can be measured by feet more than inches.

Recent NASA data shows that Greenland is losing 53 cubic miles of ice each year - twice the rate it was losing in 1996. Source:
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(Reet's compilation from, Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse. "The Banana and the Peel." 30. August 1974, Prasanthi Nilayam; Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse. "Ganesh Chaturthi." 12 September 1991, Prasanthi Nilayam; Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse. "Human values and Education." 26 July, 1999, Prasanthi Nilayam; Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse. "Divine Origin of Five Elements." 15 May, 2000 PM, Brindavan; Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse. "Vinayaka: the master of Siddhi and Buddhi." 22. August 2001, Prasanthi Nilayam; Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol. 20. "Spiritual basis for value education," Chapter 20).

Namaste - Reet

Light and Love

Swami teaches... 30 - 31 January 2007

Part 2. From Ganapathi's Wisdom to Awareness of Atma Vidya

Here is another brief example.

United Nations Climate Change Conference was in Nairobi, 6 - 17 November 2006. The Conference was attended by six thousand participants from one hundred eighty countries.

Governments and scientists began a final review on the global climate change in Paris on 29th January before its release on 2nd February 2007.
The report draws on research by 2,500 scientists from more than 130 countries and has taken six years to compile. The draft report says there is at least a 90 percent probability that human activities are to blame for most of the warming in the past 50 years.

Thirty-five industrial nations have signed up to the United Nations' Kyoto Protocol, capping emissions of carbon dioxide. The United States pulled out in 2001, arguing that Kyoto would cost jobs and wrongly excluded developing nations from goals for 2012. Still, President Bush said last week that climate change was a "serious challenge." (Scientific American; Science News; January 29, 2007; for full information http://unfccc.int/kyoto_protocol/items/2830.php; http://unfccc.int/2860.php).

Many people are engaged into solving the 'hot' environment problem. Where are the results? Maybe they are local but there are no significant results in global aspect.

Whatsoever declarations and laws cannot solve climate change and others environmental or social problems. It is humans' spiritual and ecological awareness integrated with science, technological knowledge and skills can change the dangerous tendencies of climate change what is the humanity's root problem today. This integration would begin from education, from changing human's mind, not climate changing.

How actual is Swami's directions today! However, the realization of these directions weakly has rooted among the educators, scientists, governmental officers of the planet.

From the other point during the history of humanity, human being has always wished to understand the origin of the Universe, the essence of physical reality and structure, secrets of life. But, when human's actions are separate from the Principle of Unity and the his/her own Self, the wishes have no realization.

What is the purpose of such blindness?

Certainly, there are many purposes. Let us look briefly two of them.

The first and widely spread one is from history.

Reductionist reduces matter, life, and consciousness to atomic-molecular interactions. Mechanistic philosophy conceives the Universe as a huge and complex watch mechanism ruled by physical mechanic laws. Today both streams exist in science and in social and educational systems.

Galileo Galilee has said, "What cannot be measured and quantified is not scientific." In post-Galilean science indicated, "What cannot be quantified is not real". This was, the most corrupting and profound modification of the Greek conception of nature. It is total ignorance of spiritual culture of humanity!

"The corruption of Galilee?s program was incorporated by the Cartesian Newtonian Cosmo vision and still permeates today's scientific conception. Adding to this vision the famous body/mind split institutionalized by Descartes' followers, and the technological success of the Newtonian physics, in XX century, this disease that divorced natural sciences from humanities and religion, generated a very grave cultural schizophrenia in our civilization. We have been confounding the scientific picture of the Universe with the reality." (From the lecture of Grand Ph. D. Dr neurosurgeon Francisco Di Biase, Brasil; http://widu.us/conference_2003) .

Such Cartesian Newtonian paradigm is out of date and cannot work up with spirituality, human values, ethics, aesthetics, and all the spiritual-holistic experience of humanity from ancient times until today. It leads to the global ecological disasters.

This mistake from history has divorced artificially human's consciousness and educational systems from their core, the True Reality, Self and from Nature. It is the source the lack of spiritual and ecological consciousness among adult and youth, it is the source of the ecosystems tragedy, social misery, and psychological violence of today. (The pictorial and the simplest example of absent elementary ecological culture is when adult and young persons litter the streets, roads, parks, etc. with whatsoever garbage. Such activity is popular over the world).

The next is from every day life.

What disturbs humans to change their consumer-society's life-style to ecologically conscious value-based life-style? Why it is difficult to practice? It is mainly fear to transform, to change the daily routine.

The fear arises out of a lack of understanding and faith in one's own Divinity. The degree of fear reflects the degree of separation from one's Divinity.

Humans fear death, sickness, security, poverty, aging, etc. Fear leads attention to the past or to the future. However, the life is worth to accept it with grace and then fear veils. Without fear, is easy to live in the present.

No harm can ever come to our Self. Our reality is existing beyond form, and everything else is illusion that can be easily changed at any time. We are immortal, eternal, indestructible Beings of Atmic Reality.

Our troubles and joys by some insights of modern science are infinite number of possible projections, or "quantum probabilities", and that projection can be changed by the power of discrimination and detachment as being a witness to what happens. Thus is possible to transform a fear-based society to a value-based society.

(The natural state of the Universe is harmony, and unconditional Love. At moments of difficult situations is wise to come into alignment with the Universe, and individual harmony will be probably restored).

For the survival of humanity, the spiritual and ecological consciousness entwined with moral and ethical human values is needed. This universal movement over the world would begin from reconstruction of educational systems. There is a high demand of practice the advises of Swami's Teaching in every day life in all countries. This is the demand of time for survival of humanity. Swami's Teaching is the pinpointer that has to integrate into world educational networks in purpose to connect the universal human values and spirituality into various moral and cultural differences of world societies. This has to do by professional and ethical way to have a systemic background spiritual training in personal transformation with a more spiritual world vision.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the mass of humankind is allowing itself to become progressively ignorant and thus enslaved by the forces natural disasters, of violence and greed.

It needs to understand at last that people are born in this Prakriti (Nature). Them have been given eyes not for roaming around and seeing anything and everything whatsoever but only to see God. The gift of vision should be used for seeing the good and the godly.

People are a part of Nature and should strive to merge into Paramatma. Nurture noble feelings of this kind and anyone will become the Divine. By adopting this positive attitude, person will realize that there is no Yogi greater than he/se; there is no Thyagi superior to him/her; there is no one greater than he/she is.

It is not possible to consider creation and the creator, Nature and God, as different or separate. Can we say that waves are separate from the sea? Human too is of God, with and from God. The bubble is born in water, stays in water, and is lost in water as water. The Cosmos too is a bubble born in the Absolute, exists as the Absolute, and merges in the Absolute or Paramatma. Recognize this truth this world, cannot be conceived as without God.

Devotion to the Lord and the Self is the first stage in the spiritual journey.

Instead of developing devotion, people are immersed in the "deep ocean" of worldly life. When the Ocean of Milk was churned, the first thing that emerged was the Halahala, fuming poison. Amrita (nectar) came later. When the ocean of worldly existence is churned, Vairagya (renunciation) will emerge first. The nectar of bliss will come later. Vairagya is renunciation of attachment to the physical and the material.

From True education the spiritual and ecological consciousness begins. By this awareness humans will stop the climate change, (the part of that change what caused by their unbalanced with nature actions)* and will solve many social and ecological problems.

True education should to teach two main things: What is life and how one should live. Life is not mere existence. It must be lived for a purpose, an ideal. Character and humility can lend meaning to life. Education should help one to acquire good qualities.

We can learn a lot of things, but the most important thing to be learnt is our own Atma-tatwa. Learning all about external things without knowing your real Self is like studying the branches of tree, ignoring his roots. There are many fruits on the tree. We can see the fruits. What happens if you water those fruits? They will fall down. But if you water the roots down below, the tree flourishes and will give fruits which can be enjoyed.

Sharing with others, serving others, this is the main Sutra of Vidya, its genuine expression. The task of the teacher is to discharge the duty of instructing and inspiring the students so that they develop their latent talents and advance in the perfection of their skills. The task of the student is to unfold the Divine within and equip him/herself for serving society with obtained skill and knowledge.

Education is rendered noble when the spirit of service is inculcated. Whatever we listen and assimilate in the mind should be distributed to others. In that way we show gratitude for what we have receded. Whatever we hear and practice should also be distributed to society at large.

Any action that gives value to others is important. Our success depends on the people engaged in it. The activities of people depend on how well these people are organized, how well they knew each other, how clear they see the aims of their activity and means to reach the most optimal results.

Human has three instruments: The mind which involves in thought, the power of speech which enables to communicate thought and the power of action by which he/she can execute own thoughts, alone or with others, for him/herself and for others. The mind designs thoughts, which are either helpful or harmful. The mind can lead human into bondage, deeper involvement in desires and disappointments. It can lead human into freedom, detachment, and desirelessness.

Therefore, one should learn Atma Vidya, the process by which one becomes aware of one's Atmic Reality. (By learning it and living it, one can quench his/her own thirst and help to quench the thirst of all humanity).

Mahavakya, i.e. the Divine maxim on Absolute Reality or "the Great Sentences", state the unity of Brahman and Atman. Their variations are found in Upanishads.

Prajnanam Brahma - Brahman is knowledge - Aitareya Rig Veda

Aham Brahmasmi - I am Brahman - Brihadaranyaka Yajur Veda

Tattvamasi - That Thou Art - Chhandogya Sama Veda

Ayamatma Brahma - This Atman is Brahman - Mandukya Atharva Veda

The conclusion from the Vedic Truths:
Realize ... you are the searcher
Realize ... you are the source
All is thee ... Who am I?
You are thee. You are thee (Unknown author).

Both the cognizable and non-cognizable have emanated from the same One Indivisible Consciousness.

Each is full and complete in itself. The individual consciousness is the manifestation of the Cosmic Consciousness. When the material sheath falls off, it merges in its source. The Vedas declare, "That is full; this is full. From the full, emerges the full. When the full is taken from the full, the full remains full." So, the Cosmos, the world, the individual - all are embodiments of the Full. Nothing can be fractional or incomplete.

Fill your minds and hearts with these sacred spiritual truths and go out into the world to spread the spiritual message in every street and every alley. The world today is in utter confusion. Unrest and fear stalk the world. To eliminate this disorder and fear, you have to instill devotion among the people.

(Reet's compilation from, Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse, "Promotion of Unity: Student's Duty." 14 January, 1998, Prasanthi Nilayam; Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse, "Divine Origin of Five Elements." 15 May, 2000 PM, Brindavan;
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Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol. 18. "Practice what you learn," Chapter 5;
Sathya Sai Baba. Vidya Vahini. Chapters X, XV, XVIII.

* Partly, the climate change may be caused by cosmic factors that humanity cannot prevent.

Namaste - Reet

Light and Love

Swami teaches... 1 - 3 February 2007

Part 3. From Ganapathi's Wisdom to Awareness of Atma Vidya

Conclusion from Swami's "Vidya Vahini" is that between truth and reality is an abyss. Illusion in the world of Maya is a part of reality, but not part of truth. Truth is only One alias Atma. Reality is diverse, is everything, conditioned and multiple. Reality is as a 'building of thoughts.' Truth comprehends reality, but not vice versa. Usually mind is busy with reality. The acknowledgement that human being is an eternal expression of Atma (Cosmic Truth) gives to the human's life a purpose and meaning to realize this Divinity and to avoid sufferings. This is an Atmic certainty that mind and matter are two angles of the One Whole.

The Brahman i.e. Atma (Atman) is visible as the material world and its objects. It is the Maya aspect of Brahman. The Brahman Itself is attributeless and formless (Nirguna Brahman). It is the Self-existent, the Absolute, and the Imperishable. It is Infinite Truth, Infinite Consciousness, and Infinite Bliss, free from any kind of differences. Atman is free and beyond sin and merit. It does not experience happiness or pain. It does not do any Karma. It is incorporeal.

The human's Self (Atman) is equal to Brahman. The expression, "human carries within the Divine spark,? often in the every day life level is used. However, it is an illusion from Atmic point of view. We are appearances of Atma as multiple atmans in our bodies because of Maya.

Maya is illusionary power of Brahman which causes the Brahman to be seen as the distinct material world. It has two main functions - one is to "cover up" Brahman from the human minds, and the other is to present the material world in its stead. Maya is neither completely real nor completely unreal - indescribable. When Maya is removed, there exists ultimately no difference between the Jivi-Atman and the Brahman. Consequently one can worship God in any way and in any form.

God is the highest knowledge what possible percept. It is human's faith to God (to Swami's Cosmic Form, Cosmic Consciousness) and purity the mind that will be able to manage the Divine powers. As all the Universe is a reflection from within it is possible through spiritual perception to assume it. That is possible that human's body is the Holy Grail when God, Atma dwells. However, there is the purity and harmony of thought, speech, and action as Thrikaranasuddhi is needed.

Activities arising from Thrikaranasuddhi find expression in two ways: one through artistic creativity and the other, through scientific exploration. Of the two, artistic creativity is supremely important. The aesthetic feeling is based on creative imagination. A sculptor who desires to carve an image out of a piece of rock has to have the figure he seeks to carve in his imagination. This imagination finds creative expression in the sculpture. If the creative imagination is absent, no sculpture can come out of the rock.

As against this aesthetic creativity, we have the urge for scientific enquiry. This is primarily concerned with objects in the external world. Experimental research has its vision turned outward. But even that has its basis in the Antardrishti (Inward Vision). This relates to the subject.

There is the distinction between subject and object that is inherent in the thought process of the mind. The object of thought cannot exist independently of the thinker - the subject. (By famous physicist John Wheeler quantum physics has reached to the concept that the observer is as essential to the creation of the Universe as the Universe is to the creation of the observer).

Physicists are not seeing things or interactions between particles as they really are, but as the equipment have interprets them. Human's mind from aspect of Maya Reality is also equipment what interprets the Creation in his/her mind, as an observer. From the aspect of Atmic Reality, human being is a holographic pattern of Atma, the Creator, the reflection of the Whole, the Great Oneness. (Most people believe that the physical laws that govern the Universe make up objective reality. However, the truth is that whatsoever physical laws have governed by higher laws of reality).

Life consists of nets of objects that can reproduce and evolve. Does life reproduce itself? So does fire. Does life evolve to produce new forms? So do certain crystals that grow in watery solutions. However, human's life represents the highest stage of Creation. The Cosmic Consciousness, God pictorially is connected to the minds of every individual not as a part, but as a Whole. When an individual can to defy a physical law of reality, it shows individuals mind is in harmony with the will and purpose of the Divine. That is the reason why miracles happen in this world.

As a living example, there are adepts high in the Himalayas of Tibet wearing very few clothes, yet always feel warm despite the very cold temperatures. These adepts can even melt the snow around them and for some distance using their powers of mind alone.

In many articles of serial "Swami teaches...? have mentioned about quite close insights of modern science with Swamis Works and Vedic wisdom. Here is one different aspect of this. To entwine the spirituality and science is very important today as the world is on the verge of global disasters.

Consumer society's researches are going on endlessly, but the climate of peace is mostly being destroyed. If peace is to be ensured, science has to be promoted on the right lines.

This calls for unity among the people. Service to society must become the fundamental purpose. Everybody talks about the need for world unity. However, real unity must begin with the individual and the family. From the home, it must spread to the village, nation, and the world. Unity must become a way of life and cherished as an important value. It is vital to perceive the unity that underlies the apparent diversity.

Prajnana (integral, higher wisdom) subsumes Vijnana (secular knowledge) and embraces also Sujnana (right knowledge). Prajnana, Vijnana and Sujnana together contribute to the fullness of human.

(For most humans, the regaining of critical thinking, self-awareness, and critical consciousness must be the first priority, because there is the very real danger of the masses of humankind becoming totally possessed by the structures of those few who now rule the world politically and economically. Their actions cause the global or local changes in our environment, as we all have experienced yet).

The spiritual awareness is the key to human?s development in accord with the Divine Cosmic laws. By these laws each person is also own sovereign being and has the right to exist and walk own path as long as this path does not involve harming others and nature.

Modern science explained that the reality has a holographic nature*. Technically each small 'point' of the hologram contains information about the entire image, not some part of it. It is absolutely similar to Atman. As laser light is shined on successively smaller portions of the hologram, the entire image is still preserved, but it becomes less clear. Evidence for this kind of holographic structure in nature has emerged by chaos** theory and fractal*** geometry. The new discoveries stress that in the chaos the order has hidden. The most nonlinear (complex) systems embody a huge amount of self-similar structures. Pictorially the humanity is too one entity with the huge amount individuals - self-similar structures. Even more - the code of life (its principle is similar for plants, animals, birds, fishes, pests and humans on the planet) is itself as a huge self -similar structure. By modern genetics into genetic code has installed the evolution of life with all its forms. Pictorially, humans carry within all the 'tree of life' from remote past to present as certain matrix of life.

The energy can express itself at many levels, including the spiritual level. All what exists is under the influence of infinite kinds of vibrations (waves) are creating certain balance between the Earth and the Universe.

A human being as all other forms consists of atoms and molecules. In the whole Universe atoms are rotating, such is the condition of their existence. The atomic center revolves around its axis, and the electrons rotate around the atomic center and around itself too. This rotation creates a fields of energy what physicists call 'torsion fields'. The lasts can create an infinite kind of vibrations. Not all of them seem to have electromagnetic nature. All visible and invisible Maya Reality consists in vast amounts of atoms and subatomic particles what ceaselessly 'creates' torsion fields. This is their nature. One of the most important properties of a torsion fields is their ability to penetrate through any object or space without loss of their energy and to store whatsoever information on physical vacuum. (Physical vacuum exists in every atom between electrons and atom's center, the ?conglomeration? of neutrons and protons).

As all is interconnected within Maya reality as expressions of Brahman, Atma, the duty of human being is to show gratitude and wisdom towards other human beings and in using food, water, trees, land, and any other natural resource. Gratitude is an outgoing flow of the Divine energy of Self that brings the inward flow back to us. In the condition of consumer- society humans experience less and less the gratitude on the governmental, social and also on spiritual level.

There a question may arise, to whom say, "thank you," or express the other kinds of gratitude, when all is the same Atma in everyone? There is indeed no need for any gratitude (or other emotional expressions) from the aspect of Atmic level... however, humans life on the Earth exists on the Maya level and we all do our duties on that level being less or more aware of our Atmic Oneness.

The gratitude seems to be some kind connective link, as a blitz of light between Atmic and Maya aspects of reality. All world antique cultures (both, secular and spiritual) teach the gratitude what people have mostly forgotten today. (As a rule, human's memory will forget by time what has read or has heard until he/she digests these information through own experience.)

By thoughts, send the gratitude for life, nature and the Cosmic Consciousness as Swami?s Cosmic Form, from which humanity manifested. Then, intend peace and enlightenment and send this to the surroundings as Love energy. There is Divine Love in you, which has neither birth nor death. If you cultivate such love, you will always remain as embodiments of love. Have firm faith in the Divine Love what is the eternal love. That is the Atma Tattwa. Cultivate such type of Love that will not cause disappointment. Love the Principle of Love itself, which is Divine and Eternal. The more you love that Divine Love, the more it grows. (Reet's compilation from, Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse, "Love is God - Live in Love." 28 Oct, 2003 Prasanthi Nilayam; Sathya Sai Baba. Vidya Vahini, whole book).

*To make a hologram, the object to be photographed is first bathed in the light of a laser beam. Then a second laser beam is bounced off the reflected light of the first and the resulting interference pattern (the area where the two laser beams commingle) is captured on film. When the film is developed, it looks like a meaningless swirl of light and dark lines. When the developed film has illuminated by another laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears. If a hologram is divided into thousands or more pieces, and then illuminated by a laser, each piece contains the entire image. Unlike normal photographs, every part of a hologram contains all the information possessed by the whole.

The "whole in every part" nature of a hologram provides humans with new way of understanding organization and order. A hologram shows that if we try to take apart something constructed holographically, we will not get the pieces of which it is made, and we will only get smaller wholes.

** The study of fractals and chaos started its history during the 1970s. One of the ?fathers? of this theory is Benoit Mandelbrot (a Polish scientist, born 1924). He showed through so-called Mandelbrot's set how fractals could occur in many different places in mathematics and elsewhere in nature. (Mandelbrot set is a fractal that appears in computer representations like a 'black bug,' with infinity of smaller similar 'bugs.' Each of these replicates the whole and contains information about the entire process).

***One of the most fundamental behaviors of chaotic systems is their great sensitivity. In the chaotic systems, even micro differences in initial conditions may cause dramatically different results to occur in that system over the long run. It has summarized as the Butterfly Effect (discovered by Edward Lorenz on 1960s).

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Namaste - Reet

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