A unique opportunity to take part in Swami's '80th Year of Advent' Celebrations

08 March 2005
Dear Devotee Brothers and Sisters,
Sai Ram.
With the Grace of Baba all is well and we pray to Baba that all be well with you and your families and friends.
Those of you who have found time to explore our website www.sailopics.com may recall that Swami had named me "commercial fellow commercial use" when He was autographing the picture I offered to Him while painting in the Prasanthi Mandir in 1985. This picture was the original used for the SAILOGRAM - which is the first-ever Hologram of Baba.
In 1993, Swami Blessed us with another First Ever - when the SAI SILVER foil embossed picture came about to be. This was followed by a bigger foil embossed picture in 1995 - SAI GOLD was brought about in 1995 - as the plaque reads on the picture:
His Divinity Sri Sri Sri Sathya Sai
Seventy Years In The Upliftment of Mankind
23 November 1995
How much He has been instrumental in making Humans out of us is not hidden from our inner selves. How He, in His own unique way guided us from our trespasses to a life free from any trespass. How He, miracluously removed our worries and problems and made us all free and lighter. All of us, when we sit down and think of all that Swami has done for us - our eyes go moist when we think of all that He has done for our betterment. When we notice our habits of the past and compare them with good and saintly habits of present we are filled with gratitude towards Him - who has lifted our spirit and brought us peace and joy, happiness and contentment. We are indebted in Gratitude to Baba for making us more human, more affectionate and sharing to others pain irrespective of where they are and above all more receptive to His constant presence all around us.
We had been progressing well - till 1995, when some karmic pay-backs came up and again He Graced - that the pay-back was taken in easy installments, besides, great reduction in pay-back. Compare - loosing a leg - that my astrological charts forecast - to having two accident on the same leg, but, still that leg is intact. Compare - walking with one leg with the help of a crutch and walking with a limp but, without any support - other then the omnipresent Baba.
Now, we are in 2005, this is the EIGHTIETH year of ADVENT of our beloved lord.
We propose a special commemorative embossed foil picture of Baba like SAI SILVER or SAI GOLD. For this we want YOU ALL to be our members, so we are broad basing this project and inviting your active participation. We are not asking anyone other than those devotees who have Sailogram or Sai silver of Sai Gold on their prayer altar. You have our invlauable products - which have given you this grand opportunity to be part of this 80th Yead of Advent project - directly. If this project has to come about - it will with the active participation of all of you.
For Detail on the "80th Year of Advent" project please click on the link below: http://www.sailopics.com/80th_Year_of_Advent/80th_year_of_advent.htm
Needless for me to say, but, this is an URGENT request - we tried mailing this page to you all - but it was 980K - which is a heavy file - so the best alternative was that make a special page on our website where you all could go and see the details. The above link is to that page.
Brothers and Sisters, I expect you to send me your invaluable responses this week - I plan to put the print-out of each donation-promise at our prayer place, in my home, till I take copies to Prasanthi or Whitefield for His Grace and Blessings, next week.
Oh Yes - please feel free to circulate this within your own circle of devotees. Get together 25 and advance book Loose Pictures and get them framed at your local framer - for 25 frames your framer should give you a discount - but, do that if you really save atleast 7 bucks each. If its less then 7 dollars - please ask us to send you framed pictures delivered to your homes.
Happy Shivratri - may you conquer your mind, by surrendering it to Shiva, on this auspicious night.
Sai Ram - Be Happy
Jatindar P Shad